A New Religious Understanding

Thou City Fellows who yearn for a higher way of life...

I come to ignite all seekers of truth into their evolutionary walk with Me; to direct and evolutionize all aspirants to travel wisely upon their chosen paths.

I come to bring Life Everlasting to My disciples and apostles of the world who have awaited my coming, and who dare with their courageous heart to become progressively raised into the Immortalized Life .. a Life at one with their Individualized Godhood of the First Center and Infinity Source .. a Life through the achievement of the Second Birth unto the garment of Living Light .. a Life more abundant and prosperous.

I Michael .. come to unify thine mortal experience into a permanent union with the Father's Life within you; for I am the universal coordinator of human endeavors to find the eternal God, to seek to know him, and to become alike unto him in spirit and in truth.

As you invite me .. as you live accordingly .. as you taketh Mine kindly hand and obediently collaborate with the Mother and I .. then, I shall unify your human individual life unto a greater Life more fruitful and eternal .. as you open thyself to receive of Me.

I with the Paradise Trinity .. ennoble personality character and advance your soul values and emergence into a virtuous life aligned with My vision, and in the integrity of your own Selfhood with the Father's Spirit.

I Eshua Michael .. simplify your experience and illumine thine way .. all necessary to progressively attain to your victory in God the Father.

I enter thine human mind with my Truth Spirit .. the Comforter .. in order to alleviate all obstacles .. to elevate thine perceptions .. and to ennoble thine desires and yearnings .. to transmute thine meanings and to transform all thine values by your cooperations and choices ..and together in our Saviorship .. we shall transfigure all these things unto that perfected union with the Mother's Infinite Mind and the Spirit of the Living One in you.

It is a literal truth .. as you arise into our eternal relationship and Universe Association .. I expand the Father's glory and honor in you .. and with you .. and for you with your determinations and decisions .. even through you shall the love of the Universal Parenthood of Life becometh expanded.

I maketh of thee a new creature as all old things shall pass away and dissolve like the mists of an early morning fog which has separated you from Me in your awareness and experience.

You shall grow upwards .. coming into the realizable recognition of the Father's Life.

Behold my vision for the children of the earth .. I sayeth to thee .. all things are becoming new .. your personal existence is gradually advancing to become eternalized unto a new order of humanity .. and an arise stabilized harmony is established .. thine directions of purpose and priority shall begin to clarify as you findeth the humility to walk upright in your holy purpose with Me towards that citizenship universal which awaits your entrance in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.