Michael Of Nebadon
4 min readApr 10, 2022

Adonai unto all My children who have upheld the chalice of their respect and reverence for our Universe Association of the Progressive Ascendancy . . .

And I .. Jesus Christ Michael .. answered him who reaches for Me with sincerity and simplicity of mind .. with singularity of attention and a focused heart: "thine imaginary selfhood is of thine own making .. this momentum of misappropriated energies torments you thus greatly because you have fed its hunger .. and for those of you who have already fasted many days and weeks and months, and you do not pay homage to this imaginary selfhood with your tribute and allegiance, so shall he rise up in you demanding to be nourished. Yet, ever do I encourage you to refrain and feed him not .. and nourish him not with all the abominations of thought attentions with which you hitherto defiled the temple of your spirit by believing in the falsehood of impermanence and unrighteousness.

I sayeth .. starve well thine imaginary selfhood who seeks to sustain its separation from the Living One. As you torment this inner phantom with hunger and thirst .. so in his anger shall he torment you also.

Fear not, for I tell you, thine imaginary self of rebelliousness shall be transformed and integrated before thine physical vessel of the body is destroyed only as you believe as I believe; for while you fast from falsehood .. and whilst you pray with a heart overflowing and reaching to the One True Authority with loving surrender and holy cooperation .. so shall the angels of God protect your body .. much so that the misqualifications of error shall gain no such power over you .. these waves of defects with their unholy momentums shall not destroy you as you arise within thyself and take your stand with Me.

And the anger of this imaginary selfhood .. this anti-life projection who acts as a phantom of irreverence shall becometh impotent and disempowered .. unable to dominate you any longer. Ye shall be advancing along the byways of deliverance.

Then they all came to Me .. Jesus Christ Michael .. and with loud cries besought Me exclaiming: "Master, have compassion on us all .. for we suffer more each day .. and if you do not at once cast the evil and imaginary falsehood out of us .. we fear that this phantom of our separations shall take over and torment us .. he will not allow us to live the fruits of holy deliverance and divine redemption."

And I .. Jesus Christ Michael did answer them all saying from my heart universal which is the Universal Vine of all Life .. which is God the Sevenfold extending eternally from the Fountainhead of Life throughout all the creation .. God the Sevenfold who is of the Father, Son, and Spirit: "Great is thine faith and surrender as you acknowledge and appreciate and affectionately adore God our Father as the Singular Authority over all lives .. the One Giver of all Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, and even moreso. Be it according to your faith and trust in the Infinite Generosity of My Father God .. and ye shall see soon, face to face, thine own creations which have attempted to usurp the Authority of the One God. No longer shall thine own causes and effects bring their frightful countenance upon thee; for ye shall withdraw thine allegiance from all evil and iniquity .. ye shall stand upwards in the Living Field of His Love .. and the power of the Son of Man shall rise into its mastery and its redemptive power to deliver humankind to the Father's Adjuster Life.

For I shall cast out from you all misunderstandings of the Father's Life .. by teaching the eternal understandings .. by healing human lives of their resistance and rebellion, so that you gain the more exalted comprehension .. and even moreso, increase consciousness of the One Existence and your rightful relationship with Him."

I sayeth .. "the common creature of Urantia shall increase to becometh powerful over themselves in Light .. they shall grow great in Love, and unwaveringly brave in doing the Will of the One Parenthood of Life .. and by the strength of the innocent lamb of God shall you each knoweth thyselves in holiness and dignity .. in alignment and integrity."

"The weakest creature of the Lord shall findeth his place in Existence .. in the One Existence all-pervading by the inner doorway. The Holy Spirit of God the Spirit .. of the Master Spirit .. of the Mother Spirit of Nebadon shall maketh of thee an instrument more powerful than the weakest link upon the Vine of all Life.

"Ye shall grow in obedience, in righteousness, and in thine soul vesture capable of walking within the vision of Eternity."

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.