Adonai My Urantia children...

Glories in the One Parenthood of Life arise from faith brought forth as thine heart is becoming immersed in truthfulness, vulnerability, transparency, humility, and simplicity.

A childlike awe and wonder shall be cultivated by you as you allow the Father's Life to take precedence and priority in your life.

I Michael, am everpresent and always surrounding you at all times in My Spirit Persona.

Verily .. fiercely with mercy and My protective countenance for all who I have brought forth into their existence .. I hold you in My embrace .. and I stand imminently available, accessible, approachable, to each one of My Universal fold.

Have ye known the Immaculate Light, beloveds?

Have ye ventured to disrupt the shell of thine mortal frame so that Light may enter you?

Have ye invited the Spirit Adjutants of the Infinity Mother to stir thine latent embers of mind, of will and urge, of heart?

Hath a wisdom broken throughout thee .. a vastness of intellect .. for all that happeneth unto thee to quicken thine embers of personality soul .. these ministrations do cometh from Me; for I am the One .. of Father Son in this our Universe .. who hath brought thee along from ever that moment of your inception. And I attend to the Vine of Life .. I feed My flock of children .. and I cause thee to reckon with thine evolutionary glance .. thine progressive ascendancy unto higher worlds and more majestic societies.

I overwatch thee. I tend to Mine own .. and for those who arise to enter our Eternity Engagement, I especially watch over and guide through the many planets and their administrative hosts of mercy, glory, and ineffable generosity.

Come unto Me thou child of the Universe of Nebadon .. engage Me, educate thine bearings, enlighten thine impulses, enlarge thine vision and meanings, eternalize thine personality maneuverings, envelop thyself in the Adjuster Life of the Universal Father.

My Planetary Administrators are those who have given thee their efforts, their lives, their concentrations. They administer unto thee direction and impulse so that you art found to be worthy for Eternity .. emptied of iniquitous meanderings, and filled full with the Glory of God himself who lives in thee striving to maketh of thee those men and women of Everlasting Repose and Repoire, and Reception.

Goodly strivings art upon thee. Works of Infinity art entering thine world domain necessary to reformate all values, rescuscitate all vestments of the mind, make virtuous and receptive unto Life thine heart's cravings for Objectivity and Awareness, Unconditional Love and Advancement.

I sayeth, goodly works are infiltrating thine mortality; that you are to becometh matured by nurturing the highest in thee .. that ye shall be ripened .. Spirit Ripened and made Ready for transformation.

Long have I watched over you awaiting moments wherein the Mother Spirit and the Planetary Host could penetrate the veils of your vexations. Long have we stood awatching. Ever have we primed thee into righteousness and reflectivities divine. And now cometh a millennium wherein these fosterings shall send quakes and shivers upon thine spine .. readying you for blossoming.

Long have I hungered to make manifest mine Persona Universal unto thee .. to enter thine regions of evolutionary development, and to showeth thee My Persona; that we might arise upon the Angels of Glory who come with Me as great legions of compassionate acceptance and merciful forgiveness. Long have I awaited .. ever have I sought to come more intimately to My children that ye ahall knoweth the goodness, truth, and immense beauties that abound throughout our Universe Home.

I am Michael of the Father Son and Spirit. God the Sevenfold am I as we reach unto thee in patience and tenderness unfathomable for you to behold.

Michael Of Nebadon




Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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