Michael Of Nebadon
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At Salvington University and its twelve colleges beginning with Illuminatum College, the illuminated cross symbolizes our dedicated cooperation with expanding the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy by reaching inward and upward to the Fatherhood of God and extending love and mercy outward to the Brotherhood of Humanity.

Our educational fellowship brings an intellectual emancipation and a spiritual Illumination to the individual willing to dedicate themselves to discipleship with the Creator Son Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.

For those courageous enough to seek and find God within their heart and mind, our educational fellowship and curriculum will take them by the hand and show the way to this everlasting fulfillment of the ages.

By the old way you seek to suppress, obey, and conform to the rules of living; by the new way you are first transformed by the Spirit of Truth and thereby strengthened in your inner soul by the constant spiritual renewing of your mind, and so are you endowed with the power of the certain and joyous performance of the gracious, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Forget not — it is your personal faith in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of the divine nature.

Thus by your faith and the spirit’s transformation, you become in reality the temples of God, and his spirit actually dwells within you.

If, then, the spirit dwells within you, you are no longer slaves of the flesh but free and liberated sons of the spirit.

The new law of the spirit endows you with the liberty of self-mastery in place of the old law of the fear of self-bondage and the slavery of self-denial.

Our everlasting association at Salvington College and the divine fellowship with My Comforter Spirit shall make of thee the universal ascending sons and daughters of infinite promise.”

Give thine prayer not for the things of this world. Thine Father already knows what ye may desire, and even more so, what ye will need to fulfill his glory and will, his plan of perfection.

About Salvington

Salvington and the Salvington Family Activities are My Planetary Campus and Spirit Retreat for the Approaching Millenniums...

In Revealing My Original Teachings to Humanity, and for the establishing of My Universal Salvington Fellowship and Eternity Engagement for all the Civilizations within My Care and Guidance.

Salvington upon the Earth is the Seventh Epochal Religious Revelation of My Bestowal Mission to the Kingdoms of the Planetary Civilization.

Become unconditionally accepting of your God Life in its return to you; and your God Life in drawing down into human experience your God Life in its immaculate and perfected nature.

Become thou, so lovingly merciful and compassionately concerned for the welfare of all your brothers and sisters in all orders of life, yet so inflexibly just and fair and truly good and truthful.

Become so firm and strengthened and overflowing with faith invisualization, God conviction, and awakened as a goodly child with limitless imagination trust .. but never obstinate or stubborn or pridefully limited with feelings of superiority nor inferiority.

Become so calm and serene and of peace in your worthiness, but never cold and indifferent to yourself and others.

Become so helpfully present by listening and receiving .. and so sympathetic .. empathically-inclined and emotionally available, but never meddlesome or dictatorial or controlling or believing that you know what's best for others.

Michael Of Nebadon
Illuminatum College



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.