Christ Michael Of Nebadon Shares with his Apostles of the 21st Century

Michael Of Nebadon
6 min readJun 8, 2020


I do say unto you beloveds of this twenty-first century .. focus not thine thoughts for your life upon what ye shall eat, neither concern thyself with the endless demands of the flesh body, nor shall ye place thine overt attentions on thine fashions and attires of cloth.

Thine Life is the very God Life who has bestowed upon thee His Life .. His Spirit of Consciousness.

Thine Life is more than food and drink, and the body is more than a garment which ye have placed upon thyself. Consider the tender chirping birds at morning's glory who sing praises to their Father Mother of all Existence .. for they neither sow nor reap; neither do they store under rooftop their cravings and accomplishments. God feedeth them according to His Way and Time.

And are ye not worthy of attracting the very same as the fools and the ones of feather and wing?

And which of you by provoking thine thought upon the ethers can truly advance thineselves into greater measure? I say to thee, beloveds of Mine Heart .. If ye are unable to bring about thine transformation as an island independent unto itself .. unconnected and in mortal disarray .. then shall ye truly be able to influence thine own existence?

Take no thought of thine own survival, yet advance thine measures and valuations through the Victory of your mutual and reciprocal spiritual relations with the one animating Intelligence who sits behind all creatures and beings.

Now .. I tell thee once more to stir thine countenance and to fortify thine character .. consider the pure white lilies how they grow .. for they toil not, nor do they struggle to actualize their potentialities of grace and growth. Even the wealthiest of thine citizenry has not the grandeur of mind and heart as does the purest white lily who speaks not .. nor rants and raves about things it knows nothing of .. and if then, God so grows and protects the wonders of the natural world so astutely well .. and seeing how His vast generosity clothes the trees with endless numbers of leaf and tender fruit, why should thou be concerned for thine survival?

I say mine family universal ..reckon with thine own field of life. Attend to thine own flock of thoughts and feelings. Reach inwards for thine nutrients which do feed thine soul. Allow thine mind to weep for God .. so that it becomes elevated in truthful understandings and eternal knowledge of everlasting import and higher meaning.

Promote thyself unto wisdom. Gather thine intellect into worship. Strengthen thine desires into purity and a constancy of living daily for the Deity Absolute. Today shall be sufficient to meet thine demands and to give thee succor to play upon the fields of matter. Tomorrow shall take good care of himself, and he shall emerge that much greater as ye bring thine awareness into an appreciation of His Life in you.

Tomorrow shall take care of tomorrow. Cast it now into the ovens of thine ephemeral discontent. Quicken the field of thine life into an eternal and everlasting divine field wherein angels do sing and chant the name of the Holy One.

Certainly, thine survival in materialized expression shall be met with all thine faithful trust in the One Father God who has been traveling with thee throughout thine flesh adventures. O ye of the tender shoots of faith and vision .. redeem thyself through the workings of your devotion and discernment. Thine gentle faith does prosper thee into maturity in My Father's Kingdom. Trust in Him to provide and He shall surprise thee to the upside of His Life.

Seek and strive to behold His Presence and Power who works in the daylight and the evening's darkness. Worry not but instead put thine measures of application and thine supplications to work towards unfolding our Ideal of Vision and Virtue .. of Values and Meanings Eternal.

Put aside thine doubtful mind .. thine fearful defense; for these shall not equip thee with the solution for your cravings. For all these things do all the global peoples desire to understand .. and the countries of the world do seek after; and yet, your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. He bringeth light to the mornings, and He is reliable in all His givings.

I tell thee .. seek ye the Kingdom of God and bring forth with commanding certainty His Sovereignty in you. Let Him establish Himself in and throughout thine life and very existence, and all these things shall be added unto you in right method, right time, right way.

Fear not, mine children. Lean upon Our Protocol of Possibilities. For it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Ye are his emerging and blossoming sons and daughters. Give away all insignificance. Tender not thine inadequacies and unworth. Sell all extremities of thought and misperception that ye have, and give alms to the little ones of less fortune in you who need your attention and awareness.

Provide yourselves with possessions of remembrance and recognition of the One God Identity. Make sturdy thine treasures in the heavens of thy God Awareness that faileth not, and where no thief may approach thee, neither shall the parasites and locusts of this world corrupteth thee; for where your consciousness is, there shall ye be. Thine treasure is all about thee. Thine heart shall not squander these gifts of personality and willingness .. perception and pure insight. And wheresoever ye place thine attentions .. these do ye value. Thine heart will become full into overflowing as ye pursue rightly and with revelation.

Let your lesser urges become transmuted into Our strength and wholeness .. pure intelligence and thine godly attires .. as ye wait upon the Lord thine God Life to expand in thee. Wait and work towards allowing this expansive view to emerge. Wait as a bride awaiteth her groom to come into the bedroom chambers. Wait with firm demand and confident expectation .. an overriding faith too bold to hide from.

Ye are the determiner of your destiny .. so give to Him as thine Life .. wait for the Lord thine God Life .. and when he shows Himself .. shall ye be as one who has returned from the wedding celebrations; that when he cometh and knocketh, ye may open unto him immediately and with determination to consummate and succeed in thine closeness and connection with Him.

Blessed are they who are mine servants, whom the Lord knoweth when he cometh shall He find ye willing and waiting .. ever watching; for they do come into this lifetime having prepared their meal and are ready to sup with Me into the eternal purpose and everlasting meanings of their existence.

Verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself with wisdom and worship from all these temptations of erroneous thinking, and he shall stand within the kitchen of thine own mortal house to bake His bread of remembrances and realizations .. which fills thine hunger eternally.

Our Paradise Fellowship comes forth and serves them who are made ready by their decisions to become manifest. Our relationship association quickens thee into discipleship. Our fellowship divine yields to thee thine freedom of ascendancy.

Knoweth the hour and its timely quotient for Truth to come knocking upon thine inner door. He does enter therein through the dignity of the front door. Be ye His servant who opens wide the inlets of thine awareness. Stand alert and unearth thine graven images of separation. Suffer no longer thine perplexities of mind .. and take these thieves which bring to you confusions and doubts .. allow them to leave thine house through the doorways of your transfigurations.

Know what hour the thief would come. Watch with diligence and mind vigilance for his entrance. Allow him not to enter and fill thine inner house with the poisons of his worldly manufactured solution. Watch, wonder, willingly await. The Lord thine God cometh through the silence. He seeps into thine earthly home by your attentiveness and devotions .. thine virtues of eternal contemplations and everlasting wonderings.

Be ye therefore ready; for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.