Christos Cometh

Christos comes unto the ephemeral pastures of his fold to purchase the freedom of his children by their own burgeoning growth, maturity, and their progression understandings.

He arrives to rescue the homeless ones who have set up their tents upon the outskirts of the City of God, the weakened ones who art fragile and lost, all who art the belabored ones who seek the fruits of spiritual fulfillment upon the temporal tree of the dead and dying.

I lend to all mine hand of truth and prosperity and everlasting promise .. that each one shall blossom widely unto their latencies .. and as yet to be revealed potentialities of godhood .. the hidden seeds of ripening glory within the Supremacy of God.

I peel back the layers of their own insignificance and insecurities and instabilities and unsafeties of every kind .. and I redeem them unto the Father of Lights.

I am come redeeming ‘aliens’ who have made of themselves strangers to the unending and ineffable generosity and grace and gifts of the One Eternity.

I sayeth .. I come to reacquaint strangers unto themselves. I maketh of each mine own. I pervade thee .. one and all .. with the Spirit of My Comforter .. ever available and achievable to nurture our religious spirituality together.

I bring my own and make promises unto each one who hungers for truth, starves for righteousness, and is textured within their character for blossoms Indescribable.

I give unto thee .. the ever-advancing approach .. I construe a strategy for thine salvation .. and I give to the receptively qualified ones My Life.

A new epoch is initiated .. as I .. and others of My kindly countenance appear within the unfolding epocas of your evolutionary development .. and when the world began .. so I watched actively and guidingly as the Mother Father and Eternal Parent of your planetary deliverance.

Now .. I come once again .. I do appear to your awareness and your senses .. I come to rescuscitate my teachings .. to illumine my words of the 1st century .. to take back what I promised .. for it hath fallen into the hands of thieves and criminals. They have captured my words and they attempt to maketh a mockery .. but lo .. they shall soon discover their mistakes .. they shall becometh saddened and depressed and forlorn of their iniquitousness.

I shall .. indeed .. rescue back every particle .. each electronic bei g .. all portions which have had the evil touch upon their brow .. and I ahall reneweth all into dignity, integrity, and honor. I redeem both the good and the lost .. the evil and the saintly ones.

All the people of the world .. all kingdoms and every creature .. they are of My universal fold of care and everlasting guidance.

Christ Michael



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.