Christos is Reality

Michael Of Nebadon


I shall not showeth thee the kingdom nor the king .. the queen shall remain still invisible to thee.

Ye must open the eyes of thine soul .. then shall you becometh a true child of the kingdom .. and with your determination and constancy of desire for Absoluteness and Unconditional Truth, ye shall become raised into a certain son and daughter of the Holy One of all queens and kings; as thine holier yearnings of the soul are ripened and do glow with prominence and priority.

And as thine personality mind progresses ever and anon .. you shall strip away all garments unholy and unjust .. the kingdom of the soul will come and you shall be no more; for ye art a kingdom in thine soul .. as thine yearnings are glorified .. and as thine hunger and desires are ennobled with Trinitarian Impulses.

Thine personhood develops unto its further destination as the vesture of the soul. Thine personality shall rise up and be itself a king and queen .. only as you art the Self-directive Governor of your inner and outer worlds.

For every man, woman, and all creatures are king and queen in potential .. only in accordance with their capacities to receive the One King and Queen of all Life.

This One Infinite Deity is Love .. and as this Omnipotence of Love is received and made to be thine holy nourishment .. so shall it become the greatest power in thine life .. it shall becometh the Christos of Life in thee.

And in this Christos shall you findeth your kingdom of Stability and Security and Safety and Certainty .. even Sovereignty with the Father's Life in you.

So Christos is king and queen; and every woman and man who lives as Christ within themselves .. they are Sovereign and Serenely Just .. having become birthed into a new order and a brightened harmony.

And everyone may have this Christ development in themselves to come forth and ignite all lesser urges and impulses.

They shall arise and standeth out amongst their brethren whilst embracing all personalities and all bodies and expressions and every individual as a portion of this Christos Totality. And this transformative change is merely the initial advancement for the individual In their Universe Career as they proceed inwards and upwards in the Processional of Achievement.

The Individualized Indwelling Spirit Life of the First Mystery seeks to become personalized even as you are driven to become eternalized.

The two shall becometh One Christos .. One Totality .. One Supremacy .. and these changes are only the beginning of embodying the greater fullness of God's glory.

Ye shall then sayeth .. Christos is who I am .. Life dwells in my soul .. . And my carnal body is it's temple. I perceive with mine eye of faith, trust, God reliance that all are the emerging Christos Totality .. the Wholeness of Life to be discovered everywhere, and with everyone.
The temple you see before thee is just envelop of the indwelling king and Individualized queen .. and women and men may call forth the very same Christos upon themselves if they only will surrender iniquities and errors and all darkness.

She and he who will cleanse his mortal field and carnal form .. purifying his every priority and purpose .. and amplify a character of honesty and a absolute purity .. they shall make of themselves a pure expression and experience of the One Existential Ideal; elevating their life existence so purely .. that love and mercy and righteousness and wholehearted willingness may dwell untouched within their mortal field. The true king and queen shall come forth for all the world to see.

The ephemeral kings and queens made of the earth are merely clothed in royal robes .. they do sit in States of governments and religions of unsightly egoic piety only so that their fortunes may deepen and the positions might oppress .. that men and women may stand in awe of them and worship them with ghastly consequences. They desire in error merely to be seen by others as holy and pious and pure and authority.

Yet .. I do sayeth to they who are sincere in wanting advancement .. that a king of heaven may wear a fisher's garb .. and a queen of the heavens may sit in mart of trade .. each may till the soil of their property .. or be a farm hand in the field of the harvest.

A queen of the heaven of heavens might be a slave imprisoned by mortal chains whilst a king might be unnoticeable and unknown.
A king of the Holy One may be adjudged a criminal by the mortal laws of women and men. They might remain confined in a prison cell and may die an unfortunate death.

Women and men seldom perceive what others truly are. Their human senses have yet to become refined .. they may sense what seems to be .. feeling the possibilities .. and intellectualize that ideal which seems to be and that which is as destiny only.

The carnal minded woman and man behold only the outer appearances of the outer man who sits before them. Yet, raise their sights and harness their true sight and the temple of the king and queen is made known.

They learn to see with the eyes of faith and trust .. to hear with the ears of truth and justice, and to speak with the tongue of compassion and mercy and kindness and propriety.

The woman and man of God is absolute in heart; she sees the queen and king with her heart; he perceives with the mind of soul.
And when ye arise to the plane of Christine consciousness .. ye shall know that you .. of your own Selfhood at one with God .. are certainly king and queen. That Love is Majesty. That Mercy endureth throughout all travesties of ephemerality.

That your own Individualized and Indwelling Life of the Universal First Center and Infinity Source is Love .. is Christos who is a living everywhereness.

You knoweth with all faith, trust, and assurance .. that the son and daughter of God is present with you .. as You.

You men and women of the 21st century .. prepare thyselves to meet your queen and king in the unfolding grace which is thy destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.