City Fellows of the Light

Michael Of Nebadon City fellows who seek ultimate truth, and who aspire to know of your faculties and powers of life . . .

Ye are a creator who is daily translating your thought and feeling expectations into physical reality. All is thought, and as you adjust your habitual thoughts .. changing your thoughts and feelings .. adjusting your expectations and imaginings .. so shall your surroundings adjust with time .. your physical reality shall follow your thought adjustments and become changed.

Thine personal world as you know it .. is a picture image of your thought expectations .. personal experiences and relationship dynamics are a living manifest and a symbolic metaphor of your personal creature consciousness.

As a creator .. you are each evolving and growing godlike throughout all your lifetimes of learning. Hence, your materialized thoughts and feelings becometh formed objects and experiences .. as these experiences in form and image are of your thought vibrations and expectations. All your experiences coagulate into a materialization of your individual personality expectations set into visible manifestation by the daily applications of your human faculties and powers .. your choices and priorities .. and your decisions and purposes.

You have studied my 1st century pronouncements wherein I have told you of sowing and reaping. And you shall further understand the power of your creative nature as a son and daughter of God in the making. Ye shall evolve to understand the powers of harvesting your potentialities unto the greater God Actualization.

In this 21st century gospel of salvation, I teach you how to sow and reap in alignment with truth and love and order and harmony. I showeth thee my way .. the way of the Paradise Deities .. and I speak to you of true Authority .. responsibilities of Authorship .. and purposes in the Ascendancy of Personhood.

Thine God endowment of faculties and powers and circuitry are your personal creative gifts and capabilities which you must learn to wield correctly .. you must learn the way of the heaven of heavens to grow in your universe stature .. and to advance in your reception capacity.

I Michael .. seek to raise all my planetary children beyond their present limitations unto dignity and honor and respect and Consciousness.

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.