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Michael Of Nebadon
3 min readJan 14, 2021


Thine institutional religions shall no longer afford any inspiration for the awakening populace of the world .. nor shall they sustain any leadership for the world society. They shall crumble and disintegrate gradually over the millenia.

People are evolving in the thousands upon thousands .. the millions upon millions .. beyond the immature doctrines and inferior teachings of the world's religions, the world's politics, the individual country socializations, the manipulated economics systems, and there shall continue to be the transmutation of disorder and chaos .. of artificial peace mechanisms to attempt to sustain the chaos and imprisonment .. all shall be impulsed .. coming into a higher order that is in alignment with our Universe.

In this impending worldwide social reconstruction, reorchestration of cultural and individual priorities, economic reorganization, and spiritual clarification .. institutional religions are incapable of leading the majority unto the true light.

These institutions over the centuries have become more or less, an inseparable and organic part of the immature social order .. and they are imprisoned by the economic system .. all necessary to penetrate through these superficialities and advance into Life.

These societal structures shall continue to collapse. They offer no true solutions for the advancement of individuals, nor shall they be able to continue thriving in a world that is beckoning for growth, maturity, and soul development.

The religions with their false man-made hierarchical entanglements are heading for that dead end. They are destined to undergo deep reconstruction. Only the real religion of personal and intimately direct spiritual experience can guide the people .. only your ennoblement of character in your choices and purposes and priorities shall be allowed to function truly, helpfully, and creatively in the present crisis of civilization in order to evolve individuals with self-consciousness, soul governorship, self-directionization, self-determination, self-creative fulfillment and alignment with the Great Absoluteness of God our Parenthood of Life.

Institutional religion is now caught in the stalemate of a degeneracy, a vicious descending circle. It shall not have the capacities nor the will to reconstruct society without first reconstructing itself; and being so much an integral part of the established order of perpetuating chaos and the abhorent darkness of ignorance .. the avenues of perpetuating sickness and disease amogst the world peoples .. that religions shall not prosper .. they shall not be able to reconstruct themselves by their own willing hand, nor shall they reposition themselves into a bright new way.

Institutional religions shall become forced to purify all excesses, all indoctrinated and erroneously contrived teachings and their followings, and every purposely-held misinterpretation in their representation of My Persona shall come tumbling down .. these shall collapse under the crushing weight of their own deceptions and artificial ploys .. and a new epoch of progressive evolutionary advancement .. an Illumination of my true meaning and purposes and intent for the kingdoms of the planet shall emerge from our of their ashes.

Society shall continue to undergo these vast changes in your planetary civilization, so much so that, all people, all races and all ideological streams of thought and belief shall find their way to the Word of Eternity .. the River of My Life which I distribute unto all equally throughout this universe .. in accordance with individual development in the soul virtues of respect, reverence, recognition, revelation, relationship, and receptivity for Life.

The Living Vine upon which I extend into our universal home of Nebadon .. in which I live and serve .. this shall becometh established for all lives and for all kingdoms.

All religious perspectives shall become radically reconstructed into avenues revealing Light and Life through the Majesty of his Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
21st Century Gospel



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.