City of Michael
Holy Comforter World Retreat

Sponsored by
The Michael Of Nebadon
Revelatory Trust

Holy Comforter World Retreat Monthly Conclave Lecture Series for Dedicated World Servers

World Server Sovereign Country Villages for Communion Gatherings

Holy Comforter Sovereign Country Village World Servers

Who are the World Servers?

Individual Personalities wholeheartedly willing to be a part of the New Humanity Sovereign World Server Legions of Light, Love, and Life.

The World Servers are serving together with the Heavenly Association of the Planetary Host

The Host of heaven has been waiting for millions of years for individuals to come forth and hold these anchor point placements for the I finity Light to become established. These World Servers hold positions at certain locations in their Country and Villages and Cities, so that the host can pour through them the luminous radiation of Life and Light allowing the Power of Love to become more activated for all the earth.

The Sovereign Country Village World Servers are presently Anchoring, Divinely Demanding, and Distributing the divine radiation of the Planetary Administration Host upon Urantia.

This as an eternity activity of my Holy Comforter World Retreat .. and we hold our monthly conclaves for the Sovereign Country Village World Server Representatives of each Country, City, and Village throughout the world.

To serve as my Country Village World Server Representative in the growing list of Holy Comforter Sovereign Planetary Cities .. you must be actively reading my 21st Century Gospel in the City of Michael, a free virtual atmosphere of learning and becoming a son and daughter of the Universal Parenthood of all Life.

Every Sovereign World Server must be…
A registered member .. an active member .. of our City of Michael Facebook Group.

The City of Michael sponsors the Holy Comforter World Retreat on Facebook.

Sign up here:

If you desire to serve the expansion of Truth and Light and Love upon the earth with the Universe Mother, the Planetary Heavenly Host, and I .. as a Sovereign Country Village World Server Representative of these Holy Comforter Sovereign Country Villages and Cities throughout the world, register at the above locale on Facebook.

My Planetary Initiatives for Urantia and its planetary civilization are to be embodied by every Sovereign Country Village World Server who comes forth to serve the kingdom of Life upon Urantia with the Mother .. the Heavenly Host, and I.

My Planetary Initiatives:
a new advent for the kingdoms of the planetary evolution

progressing epochs of planetary progress towards the culminating inauguration of the era of light and life

all personality growth phases of intellectual progress, soul emergence, and spiritual attainment

the progression of civilization and world affairs into a new ascendant order for the kingdoms of life

the unfoldment of the individual mortal evolution and soul-spirit attainment

planetary development along physical, intellectual, and social lines, all evolutionary spheres progress in certain well-defined directions

the planetary schools of training and culture are a world center of culture and achievement, and there gradually radiates to all peoples an uplifting and civilizing influence which slowly and certainly transforms the evolutionary races

establishing new and potent centers of learning and culture which carry on according to the plan of the prince’s schools

plans for planetary progress and cultural advancement to uphold the planetary concepts of truth and righteousness

knowledge of the Father’s rule and preserving for the world races the concept of the successive planetary dispensations of the various orders of divine Sons

design to foster the development of planetary civilization

fostering the development of the planetary civilization and its global spiritual culture

designing the way of planetary progress towards the ascendancy of light and life

nurturing the planetary impulse and guiding the cultural advancement for the ages

preparing the individual personality mind, will, and soul for cosmic consciousness, spiritual insight, divine perception, and the attainment integration of universal citizenship

promoting the spiritual evolutionary attainment of every people in the planetary human culture, arts, and
world civilization

to induce the world culture and planetary civilization to make certain initial advances in culture and civilization first

training and inspiring student world servers as teachers and leaders of their respective peoples

Michael Of Nebadon

Christ Michael initiates upon the earth at this time a new and fuller revelation of his original teachings for the coming Millennia.

This initiates the Advent of Ascendancy for all the kingdoms of life upon the earth.

It is the inauguration of the planetary gridwork merging into the solar, galactic, and universal Intelligence streams of Nebadon.

The City Of Michael and its Holy Comforter World Retreat is an oasis of Truth and Light and Love for all people .. of every religious persuasion .. all races .. of every diversity .. all people from all countries .. who desire to know God and to become more of his identity and nature.

As each personality prepares for their eternal ascent into cosmic citizenship and universal service in the progressive advancement of their universe career.

City Of Michael

Holy Comforter World Retreat



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.