Come and Partake of My Living Sacrament of Life

I come upon the landscape of thine planetary world .. in the midst of your evolutionary struggles .. to introduce my living sacrament of forgiveness and mercy .. my communion approach unto your race ..

I sayeth .. partake of Me who lives in thee. This shall ye do in remembrance of Mine Universal Body .. and as ye enter Me in our association together, so do I enter you; for this communion intimacy with the Father and I shall be a testimony unto the Universal Father that ye do always remember Me.

And as ye do always remember me by living in accordance with Mine Gospel Precepts .. ye shall have my Spirit of Truth available to you.

I sayeth Mine Holy Comforter Presence shall attend to thine needs and insecurities and thine mortal hungers shall findeth reconciliation with the Father and I.

I shall strengthen your weaknesses, and I shall give declaration to thine wavering countenance .. discernment capacities to the renewal of thine mind.

Ye shall be discovering a new approximation of intimate closeness to Me .. and within our Universe Association shall you awaken a new purpose for thine mortal strivings.

The Universe Mother's Holy Spirit shall brighten thine urges for truth, thine mindal capacities shall flourish in its encircuitment within the Third Person of Existence .. and She will enrich all thine potentialities into their finer actualization .. thine soul possibilities for growth and personality advancement shall mature unto refinement and reverence .. as ye arise to becometh Mine daughters and sons of Nebadon.

For the Living Father's Life Spirit .. the Indwelling Life of the First Person of Existence and you as mortal person shall becometh integrated progressively .. unified spiritually .. eternally engaged in this courtship of love, and eventually, so shall ye wed thyself permanently with the Ineffable Glory of His Spirit Life for all of eternity.

And ye shall becometh initiated in thine entire personhood ascent throughout the manifold worlds and planes of My Father God.

Ever shall I be with you . . .

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.