Contemplating Infinity

Contemplate the Infinite One .. Infinite Intelligence .. Infinite Goodness .. Infinite Truth and Beauty .. Infinite Love and Merciful Understanding.

Contemplating Infinity is to focus all thoughts upon the Great Infinite Mystery of Life .. a Life that is not brought forth by any other. He is the Causeless Cause of existence.

Concentrate all thine thought attention upon .. Infinity. Imagine Infinite and unending Intelligence. Invisualize with faith .. Infinite Understanding Compassion; for certainly the Absoluteness of Infinity of the Universal Absoluteness of First Father .. Originating Primal Son of Paradise Eternity .. Immaculate Glory of Spirit .. imagine and invisualize and more deeply enter into relationship with the One Infinity of Existence.

Our Salvington is the avenue for all salvation. Salvington is the open doorway to enter the pathways of this Infinity with mortal mind and heart and body and soul in order to actualize their unseen potentials.

With Salvington .. the mortal places upon itself the Immortal Garment of Light and Life. And we accomplish all these attainments of Spirit through the Infinite Omnipotence of God’s Love.

With and through the Nameless, Indescribable, Ineffable Infinity .. you exchange mortal and ephemeral instability for his Eternity Stability .. his Everlasting Security .. the Assurance and Certainty of knowing your sonship and daughtership with the Infinity Persons of Deity.

Our Salvington Educational Fellowship links the individual up with these Infinity Circuits. I have brought down into mortal evolutionary accessibility the Circuitry of Consciousness with the Three Persons of Deity.

Our Salvington gives each individual personality mind and soul the fortitude of walking with Me .. with the Host, the Universe Mother, and the Father’s Life.

Personal, spiritual religious experience is an absolutely effective solution for every possible mortal difficulty to become permanently transformed.

Our Salvington associations amplify for the individual soul this omnipotent effectiveness of God Individualized in you to solve all your problems .. and to transmute all your mortal struggles into his victory.

Faith and trust and determined wholehearted willingness bring about these eternal changes .. while elevating the personal into the universal .. while sorting out the truth from the false. You are building that Christ Evaluator in you who is the Discretionary Power of Love.

Thine Individualized Consciousness of God Life is the superb adjuster of all human problems. Religious Spirituality shows you how to make the most of your human experience.

I reveal this understanding to you as the sole means to remove and destroy all darkness .. all human troubles collapse within the divine pressure of Love. The dissolving and absorbing Influence of Infinity will illuminate all that is real and true while this very same Power of Deity gives you the necessary faithfulness to gradually transcend all obstructions to Grace and Forgiveness.

Our true religious relationship together unifies the personality for its effective adjustment to all mortal challenges and requirements.

Pure religious faith is grown out from your directly personal relationship with the Father’s Life. It is through the positive leading of the indwelling divine presence who unfailingly enables thine God-knowing tendencies to blossom .. to create that permanent bridge .. instituting the only way by which that gulf existing between the intellectual and materially-centric logical mind becomes further advanced upon its course of Universe Attainment.

At Salvington, a super-intuitive spirit urge emerges, and a directly knowing experiential soul mind unfolds .. receptivity strengthens .. recognizing the Great Mystery as Personhood .. albeit .. Infinite Personhood who is accessible and relatable to you and all others.

Your evolutionary tendencies are now becoming revolutionary adjustments in understanding knowledge and a faith-driven mind and will and personality shall then become expanded and encircuited into All Intelligence .. expanding all trust and temerity into God Remembrance and Personalized Religious Relationship.

The mechanical and material and logic-prone evolutionary mind which recognizes the Universal First Cause as an ‘It’ shall become elevated and dignified and awakened. This awakening mind and soul propensity recognizes the Persons of Trinity Fountainhead .. the Great Personal Parenthood of God.

Salvington then, is My religious and revelatory Word which overfloweth as a Living Vine of Life set to bring you forward into that illustrious Second Birth.

. . . and all of those positive affirmations of the evolutionary mind shall be christened unto the soul which is ever understanding this First Cause of Trinity Deity as S/He .. the Heavenly Father of Mine gospel is the highly personal God of human salvation at Salvington.

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.