Faith Sincerity and Childlike Awe and Wonder for the Mystery of Life

Be you ever ready .. receptively prepared .. humbled in your childlike faith and sincerity .. to welcome me in this my second advent of bestowal proclamation upon your planetary home and origins.

I stand ready and willing to welcome you each and all in the heaven of heavens, as you aspire for truth .. acknowledge our Father Mother Source .. and enter our Universe Association and Apostleship Ascendancy.

Lift upwards thine countenance, make righteousness prevail throughout thine thoughts, and elevate thine perceptive hearts unto the Ineffable Glory. Be thou confidently looking beyond, reaching within, and penetrating thine doubting mind, as you open thyself to this glorious bestowal appearing which my Father Mother God hath asked of me; for those believing hearts who open with respect and responsibility shall find a new mind gradually unfolding .. a new heart of trusting faith security strengthening .. and a new purposeful priority making the spiritual realities preeminent over all material concerns and motivations.

Whereas the eye of flesh had beheld me during the 1st century when I lived amongst you in the flesh, on this my second advent return, I will give to humanity a new understanding of the cosmologies throughout the universe of universes. New meanings to encircuit their mind, ennobling values for moral choice to grow, and a singular attention to develop intimate spiritual relations with the Living Truth of the Father’s Spirit Individualized in every mind and heart.

And those believers who are athirst for righteousness and desirous for reverence to become established shall awaken .. they shall discern me only by the eye of their spiritual faith and the holy urge of their loving hunger for this progressive advancement in the Infinity of Existence.

Christ Jesus Michael Of Nebadon


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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.