Global Initiatives of the Creator Father Son Michael

The new gospel affirms that human salvation is the revelation of a far-reaching divine purpose to be fulfilled and realized in the future destiny of the endless service of the salvaged sons and daughters of God.

Through Our Everlasting covenant of partnership .. fellowship .. association .. and engagement, I and the Universe Mother seek to:

Enlarge conceptualizations of Deity, Divinity, and Reality.

Experientialize and Actualize the Progressive Ascendancy of Mortal Personhood.

Enliven and Advance Understandings of Truth, Love, and Vision.

Eternalize Mortal Values, Virtues, and Vision.

Evolutionize Eternal Verities, Volitional Attitudes of Mind and Will and Personhood.

Ennoble and Develop Personality Soul Perspectives and Cosmic Achievements of Personality.

Enhance Spiritual Perceptions and Engraven Truth Discernment.

Expand Universal Consciousness and Mature Cosmic Awareness.

The advent of ascendancy which I and the Universe Mother Spirit are initiating upon this earth shall stir into all truth and love the religious challenge of this millennial age.

Your present cultural civilization with its values, virtues, and vision shall become ignited in the pursuit of intimate recognition, realization and revelation, reverence and respect, revelation and receptivity of the One Infinite and Eternal Parenthood of Life.

It shall become a planetary initiation of those soul visionaries who taste the new ennoblement through their farseeing and forward-looking soul attainments .. and these very courageous men and women shall become inspired and enthralled with a renewal of mind and soul conviction for truth .. a spirit perception shall flourish in the minds and hearts of the race .. personality shall be enlivened with the righteousness necessary as a framework of character for spiritual insight to grow and ripen.

These individuals will discover a new confidence essential in constructing the universal culture upon this earth .. a newly invigorating and truth-bearing engagement with the living circuitry of Trinitarian Origins .. an approachable philosophy of living which is driven by those inherently and rightfully developing urges and impulses for order, harmony, progression, and advancement which shall allow to unfold the more cosmic viewpoint of an enlarged and unified .. exquisitely integrated and awakened conceiving of our everlasting cosmic truth which wavers not .. our universal beauty which transforms and transfigures .. and our understanding knowledge that the One Father Mother of Existence is infinitely personal, never-endingly caring, tenderly sustaining, and expressive always of his immeasurable divine goodness.

Michael Of Nebadon

Christ Michael



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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.