God the Supremacy Awakens

In my Father’s kingdom there shall be neither Jew nor Christian .. only those who seek perfection through personal religious transformation and loving service; for I declare that he and she who would be great in my Father’s kingdom shall first become luminous unto themselves then server of all.

As ye are willing to serve your fellows .. so ye shall sit down with Me in my kingdom, even as, by serving in the similitude of the creature of evolution .. I shall presently sit down with my Father in his kingdom.

This new kingdom is like a seed growing in the good soil of a field. It shall not attain full fruit quickly. A singular devotion is required on the part of the individual. There is an interval of time between the establishment of the kingdom in the emerging personality soul of human lives and that hour when the kingdom ripens unto the full fruit of everlasting righteousness, reciprocal spiritual relations, and the achievement of eternal salvation.

And this kingdom which I declare to you is not a reign of power and plenty .. yet it cometh out from individual purity, perspectives adjusted, perseverance, and a purposeful priority. The kingdom of heaven is not a matter of meat and drink but rather a life of progressive righteousness and reverence .. ascendancy of growth .. and an increasing joy in the perfecting service of my Father who is in heaven as you becometh useful and understandingly courageous in order to live a prayerfully intimate existence.

For has not the Universal Father said of his children of the world, `It is my will that they should eventually be perfect, even as I am perfect.’

I have come to preach the glad tidings of the kingdom of God the Supreme. I have not come to add to the heavy burdens of those who would enter this kingdom glory. I proclaim the new and better way to approach living, and those who are able by their faith to enter the coming kingdom shall enjoy the divine rest .. a resuscitation shall renew their mind whilst regenerating the heart's yearning for truth.

And whatsoever it shall cost you in the things of the world, no matter what price you may pay to enter the kingdom of heaven, so shall you receive manyfold more gifts of joy and a generous spirit .. and thine spiritual progress in this world shall certainly find its empowerment through grace, and in the age to come shall you advance out from the vestibule of mortal unascendant living unto an eternal life which brings glory to you .. all promise in the awakening of the human potential.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.