Our Eternity Engagement

I am here beloved of the earth .. here right now.

I come into physical form, so that you better understand My Way, Truth and Life ... and study with Me.

And that My Eternity Persona's return upon civilization will be recognized only by those with the eyes of faith.

Absolute humility and a desire to learn from Me.

The arrival of the Spirit of Truth in the hearts and minds of every normal, morally centered person makes possible a universal religion that is neither radical nor conservative; it is not the old nor the new; it must not be dominated by the old or the young.

The fact of My earthly life now and in the days of Galilee provides a fixed point for the anchor of time, while the giving of the Spirit of Truth provides for the eternal expansion and endless growth of the religion that I am currently living among you .. and the gospel I proclaim.

My Spirit of Truth directs you towards all truth; I am the teacher of an expanding and ever-growing religion, of endless progress and divine unfolding .. of the progressive evolutionary ascendancy of your character, your countenance of heart, the gift of your unique personhood and conscious identity.

I tell you ... the new truth teacher having come into the atmosphere of personality will always be revealing to the believer who seeks the truth what is divinely emanating from out of me .. forever of my person and the very nature of my own personal existence in the Persons of Trinitarian glory.

My Spirit of Truth guides the receptive and humble in all truth; I am the teacher of an ever expanding and ever growing religion, of endless progress, perfecting of progress and divine development.

My Spirit of Truth is given to all believers. Do not neglect the fact that the Spirit of Truth has been given to all sincere believers with moral choice capacities; this gift of the Truth Spirit has come to all apostles .. they of the 1st century and many of all of you in this 21st century who desire our relationship inordinately and decidedly.

Certainly .. all men and women who gather themselves in the upper chamber shall know of me .. they shall welcome the new teacher .. as well as all the sincere in heart around the world will one day arise into our association.

This new teacher is given to humanity, and every personality soul receives me according to their love of truth and the ability to apprehend the idea .. to understand the living Ideal.. and to know the Spirit of the Source in our spiritual realities.

True religious spirituality is released from the custody of churches and priests and all sacred classes .. it finds its true residence in the individual souls of all men and women.

And you shall know my spirit .. for I have come to live in you .. and with you in all thine journey upon this world and those other more luminous worlds which you shall gain access to .. even as you begin to know me here in this 21st century mission .. and you are beginning to understand our relationship in eternity knowing me as the Father Son personified .. you shall now and forever receive this gift of my life in your hearts .. my Truth Spirit .. and I will abide with you each one.

You thus perceive that I have never left you without my guidance. I will not leave you desolate nor alone.

Ever since my mission during those Jerusalem times where many of us walked together .. living together for a time .. I can now be with you and all other human beings; for my Comforter Spirit is already poured out upon the earth .. I am established with you and you with I. And for those who know me and desire my presence wherever you may be .. and with each of you at the same time .. there I am.

Michael of Nebadon

The Salvington Faith
Salvington Pray with Me




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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.