Michael Of Nebadon
4 min readSep 29, 2020


I .. Michael of our Universe .. do speak to you now...

There is an immediate purpose of The Urantia Book Foundation in expanding cosmic consciousness .. in enhancing spiritual perception .. in heightening human value and dignity .. in accelerating human vision into truth by the ennoblement of human character .. human vestments of mind, values of mind, and the enlivening of the virtues of the heart.

The Urantia Book Foundation is my revelations to humanity. I hold a larger and more planetary-wide purpose to uplift humankind into righteousness of purpose and rectitude of priority.

My revelations expand upon previous epochal revelations in order to prepare the way for future revelations of truth, and to smoothe upward your evolutionary journey so that other future Paradise Sons and daughters shall find greater maturity and receptivity in the race.

The Urantia Book Foundation and the Salvington Family Organizations will illuminate my past ministerial precepts, while preparing women and men for a future revelation from the Father.

I Michael, give our Organizations and its Communities the task of firmly establishing My Revelatory Word upon the earth.

The Urantia Book itself is an authoritative revelation of God upon this world.

This inaugural founding of my 21st century epochal revelation is the physical dissemination of the text .. and the social dissemination of its teachings.

To establish and promote this revelation, which fosters both personal God-consciousness and the social awareness of Supreme cosmic citizenship .. I have implemented a revelatory commission .. and I have provided guidance and instructions on the nature, roles, and responsibilities of these Organizations.

I come in this 21st century bestowal mission with the express intention of preparing teachers and leaders steeped in the teachings ready for the day when the planetary circuits are re-connected .. and a visible planetary government arrives to teach, uplift, and unify our world.

Be thou concerned that you develop a world culture of unremitting study of these revelations as fostered by the existence of thousands of study groups .. the Holy Comforter Cities.

Be thou concerned that you prepare the Eden of the human mind for the broad acceptance of this revelation .. and the eventual coming of another Son to your world.

Be thou concerned that you veer away from the hardening ideological differences that arise upon primitive worlds with immature creatures.

Be thou concerned that you are not drawn to the mortal temptations of institutionalizing separation by your ideological understandings .. rather than rising to the gracious and unifying compromises of higher wisdom.

Be thou concerned to nurture clarity and illuminating discussion of my revelations .. rather than the debilitating differences which would speak of a confused and confusing identity for our communities of believers .. and which certainly would strike a blow in threatening to obscure the unifying truths of the revelation I bring; for these waves of contentiousness amongst the Urantia community readership shall end up justifying to those of our fellows newly energized by contact with the revelation that there dwells a lack of unity and a frailty of purpose amongst its members .. whilst they are expecting to find a spiritually harmonious and unified group of uniquely individual cooperatives of personalities who dedicate themselves to Truth, Love, Wisdom-gathering, and Mutuality of Respect, Recognition of Life.

You each can contribute to accomplish the unity of purpose which I make luminous at this time. You have been told that it is through this unity of direction and clarity of purpose and priority that a general acceptance of these my teachings to you shall resonate with a world deeply fragmented by race, religion, nationalism, language, and culture.

I say .. make this a living unity of transformational purpose, and not just the claim of common intent.

Such supreme unity of purpose would enable your fellows upon the planet easily to recognize the original revelation of The Urantia Book Foundation and its teaching gospel, which I am giving to your world during this beginning moment of the 21st century.

Together, we can foster a unified, worldwide community under a common universe banner of cooperation, friendship, love, and spiritual commitment which would assure your planetary fellows that you are all children of the same Father-God and citizens of the same universe government.

You have been given the blueprint for your planetary destiny .. and the tools to accomplish it. Believe that it is both your privilege and your responsibility to implement the wise, practical advice of those revelators who elected to provide your world with these revelations at my request.

Be thou concerned that you lose not sight of the unity of purpose required for you to be a living example for the peoples of a world .. a world quivering upon the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.