Inauguration of The Global Village of Christ Michael

“Whereas the eye of flesh had beheld Me when I lived during My Galilean bestowal incarnation here in the flesh, yet .. in this 21st Century bestowal mission and incarnation, ye shall discern Me only by the eye of spiritual faith.”

Michael Of Nebadon

Salvington is the school of the Planetary Prince being established upon the earth at this time.

It is an educational-social organization which through its trustees will govern and implement and decide on the policies and directives of the following three organizations with the given temporal authority to copyright, publish, translate, and protect the original text writings of Michael, to guide its social dissemination, and to prosper in the preservation, sustenance, upholding control and integrity, and its advancement & expansion through the following organizations:

University Of Salvington: Techniques of approach in the study and personal application of Christ Michael’s teaching through the University Of Salvington

The Global Village of World Servers and Illuminatum College: Methods of dissemination of Christ Michael’s revelatory writings and the individual and group study of the revelation of the Universe Father Son Michael’s writings through the Global Village of World Servers & the College Of World Servers of the Planetary Apostolic Corps of Christ Michael, as well as, the Michael Of Nebadon Societies beginning with the organized and granted Charter №1 of the First Michael Of Nebadon Society of Sisters, Oregon.

Salvington Trinity School: The training of directors and teachers and ministers and evangelicals of the revelation through Salvington Trinity School.

Christ Michael returns to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception in forming the planetary corps of mortal ascenders.

To expand upon previous epochal revelations to prepare the way for future revelations of truth, including Michael, his Sons, and other Paradise Sons.

The overarching goal of Michael’s Plan is to give birth to a new age of religious spirituality on this planet. To rehabilitate the original evolutionary avenues of creature approach to the Universal Father.

The religious approach of the Universe Father Son Michael Of Nebadon unifies the Parenthood of God with the brotherhood and sisterhood of the sons and daughters of God. . . The Trinitarian Parenthood of God with the Universal Family of sons and daughters of God.

The growth of our sacred personal relationship with the Father leads directly to the spiritual civilization of the sons and daughters of the One Father.

These things and even greater shall begin to establish upon the terrestrial surface of the planet.

The City Of Christ Michael

The Inauguration of The Global Village of Christ Michael and Illuminatum College of World Servers




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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.