Light of a New Day

Michael Of Nebadon
4 min readMar 8, 2019

Many of you are here .. searching and confused .. hoping to see the light of a new day ..while much of humanity is stricken with sickness and lethargy .. afflicted by thoughts of negativity and distress .. and as you arise with Me into the Father’s Kingdom .. so shall I give thee aid and sustenance to further persevere into your indescribable destiny of Love.

Oh thou children of the earth who wobble in your discerning heart to know whether or not I am here with you awaiting every golden opportunity to advance thine mind and tenderly mature thine heart.

Many of this present humanity suffer from the accidents of time .. from the result of mistakes of their forebears who have given to the younger generations a panoply of confused visions and ill-centered ideals to strive after.

You are a race struggling under the handicaps of the imperfect conditions of your temporal existence, and you are willful to allow Me to guide you into righteousness and understandings which shall raise your sights and clarify thine perceptions of the spirit life.

Yet .. oh Mine children who have made of themselves a receptacle of soul vestment hungry for Truth everlasting .. the slightest opening in thine hearts and ye shall see Me attending to thine graven images and thine misunderstood inclinations.

My Father and I .. we work to improve your earthly state and are we ever and forever enlightening you to motivate your tendencies and to heighten your urges .. thus shall you insure for thyselves your eternal estate with Me.

No one can escape the great law of Justice and Balance which bringeth to all creatures their happiness and harmony.

Ye canst do not a thing to change the difficulties of life unless you discover the Father in heaven who so wills to share your life in the flesh with you in and through all tribulations and trials.

Ye are all beholden to do the will of the Eternal eventually .. and so .. placing thine attentions and creative force into this heavenly communion with Us shall accelerate your vision and quicken thine mind and heart and body into Light.

As you open to Mine precepts .. all will be healed inside of thee. Your physical afflictions have a momentum from prior choices, and these must be intensely handed over to the Father and I. It is ever the greater pronouncement of every creature child of the universes that you should be lifted in thoughts and feelings as you claim your creative nature, and as you behold the immediate presence of the Immaculate Lord of Life who dwells in thine midst.

Be thou cleansed of all thine opinions generated by delusion and fantasy .. and as you evoke My Objectivity of Heart .. so shall you becometh elevated beyond the throes of earthly disease and degenerative impulses. So will you discover with Me Truth Absolute, and this Truth shall indeed set thee eternally free from every conflicting aggression and self-hatred.

You shall find thyselves healed of all mortal infirmities .. and thine character too shall become of purity and integrity; all problems of thine inheritance shall be evaporated in this righteousness and honor.

You are all God’s children; you are the sons and daughters of the One heavenly Father .. and in this Universe which is our home I stand as Father Son to all beings while sharing with you the Supremacy of the Christos.

The boundaries of time and space might seem to afflict thee in all thine earthly moments .. yet, the Nameless God of Eternity .. he does most certainly love you and yearns for you to come closer.

And when the moment of your self-evaluation arrives .. fear not .. for My Father’s Way and your Fathers Truth .. hath a beauty to behold in his nature and character. So is He of perfect Justice and Compassion. So shall you know of him as you venture towards perfecting thine own mortal nature into the Immaculate Nature of his Divinity Presence.

You shall know the Lord our God and Source as I know him only as you enter the great procession inwards and ever upwards through transparency and love .. truthfulness and self-honesty. You shall all find his Justice gives thee all aid in your learnings .. and not only justice does he proffer unto thee .. but he giveth of his limitless abundance of Mercy.

Verily, verily, I say unto you: He and She who hears of Mine Ideal and who begins to partake of Mine Universal Engagement .. its truth gospel and covenant of grace .. they shall enter into the kingdom of Love .. and as you wholeheartedly believe in this My humble and empowering teaching .. the precepts of progressive personal relations with the Infinite and Fathomless God .. and as ye walk with Us into thine immortal daughtership and sonship with God .. then shall you have your eternal life; and already do I see the believers of your race by-passing their own wickedness in favor of the simplicity of God’s Way .. and these Mine brethren are arising into that new and shining day wherein they are lifted into the garment of light and life.

The hour hath come .. in which the righteous shall find their victory .. and the confused shall liquidate out of their being all rebellious hesitations .. and even those who are in the tomb of their own lifetimes of density and darkness .. they hear Mine call and are sitting upright readily beginning to walk within My Universal Fellowship.

They have heard the inner call which I and the Host have sent forth to all the kingdoms of the planetary civilization ..they hear and obey .. they hear the voice of the resurrection of their own human existence become escalated and elevated into that eternal Union with Me.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.