Love is his Law of Grace and Glory

Our universal relationship .. our ascendancy association .. rewards richly all who arise to study it .. to comprehend it just as it is .. and to honestly implement it daily in their personal life and human nature.

I sayeth .. there is a relationship with ideas .. of inherent ideas which all lead unto the Living Ideal .. and it is through this harmonious correspondence of ideas .. this fixed relationship of all things .. which accelerates all personalities upwards .. right understanding, right ideas, righteousness of character in incorporating right ideas .. this constitutes the centralizing Impulse of God, the One Infinite Deity.

His goodness, truth, and beauty .. and ten thousand of his finest qualities .. it is the great attracting drive and everlasting impulse of all the intellectual effort .. the mindal motivations .. of all individuals.

And as ye enter unto Truth .. you discover it to be the universal relationship unifying all ideas .. and coagulating this eternalizing attraction between all energies and things.

Truth from the viewpoint of evolutionary individuals allows each personality to accept things just as they are. Truth, and all its truth-bearing antecedents of truthfulness, transparency, tenderness, vulnerability, humility .. these shall become for you the guiding principle of your lifetimes.

Truth grows and unifies all lives .. it accelerates all evolutionary developments .. and they who live faithful to Truth .. are living within the protective grace of its law; the nourishing mercy of Infinity.

Hence, to the extent that ye strive to accept and align with God's laws of the universes .. ye are faithful to the law of the One Mind .. the Infinite Mind of God. And from here, all the stem of thine life groweth straight and upright .. thine petals open wide and true and do flower accordingly.

Whilst nature works with the utmost justice and impartiality .. nature never excuses not even one particle of matter from obedience. The law operates with a perfect impartiality, an impersonalness, and with no such favorites whatsoever. If there be but one particle of matter to make a world .. that particle must obey the law.

From the vantage point of Paradise .. there is but one particle composing the universes .. and to understand this fact leads to a correct knowledge of the universe itself .. its operating protocol.

Acknowledge .. Accept .. Adore .. Appreciate .. Allow .. Align .. with God who is Law .. its constancy and consistency .. he is of all love and mercy .. a protecting generosity guiding all through his Ideal of Law .. and his understanding brings each and every individual unto his exalted harmony and order.

Investigate all these things which I sayeth to thee .. reach to bring thyselves understanding .. to enter his Kingdom necesitates obedience and giving unto every ordering grace of his Ideal .. his law .. the law of mercy and order and justice and harmony.

Adjust thyselves to his law of order and love .. understand all of the workings of his innate implicit law of advancement .. and enter into this underlying order of life .. physically .. intellectually .. emotionally .. and spiritually .. as the progressive ascent of thine soul .. thine personality soul .. emerges into Cosmic Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.