Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide City

Thou Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide City Fellows who aspire to touch the hem of Mine Robe of Glory .. the Everlasting Truth which ye shall partake of with Me .. they who are asserting their inalienable sovereign rights as a unique child of existence .. who are daily elevating themselves unto the higher uses of the given endowment of their faculties and powers for accelerating themselves unto the higher impulses and ennobling urges and eternalizing desires .. they who strive for the accomplishment of the ages in accessing in their mind and heart the greater understanding and the much sought after and needed discernment in order to maketh choices which grow themselves unto the heaven of heavens...

A great difference exists between the unwavering and imperishable personal creations of God aligned individuals who create within the harmony of Godly qualified attitudes and attributes .. and those humanly impulsed erroneously upheld misqualities of all attitudes and attributes and qualities and activities of disharmony put forth by the hand of short-sighted human mortal thought .. the personal creations of evil and iniquity which shall perish in the sight of the Ineffable Glory of the One Parenthood of God.

I tell thee. . everything that cometh from out of the perishable and the imperfect shall perish .. for it comes from the imperfect perishable and the imperfect thought and mind of misalignment and misunderstanding.

Yet do I say unto you .. whatsoever is brought forth from out of the more Perfect Imperishable and Unchangeable Reality of the Father shall never perish .. it shall be an inexhaustible sustenance unto you .. a nourishment lifting you unto spheres as yet unknown by your race .. it shall underpin you, support you, nourishing thine highest impulses .. all thine efforts for soul advancement unto the many indescribable worlds of light and life .. and these creations of thoughts and feelings shall become imperishable whilst raising you into our Universe Association.

Michael Of Nebadon

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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.