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Michael Of Nebadon
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Worldwide Congregation - Guidance of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael - Planetary Communion with Christ Michael of Nebadon and the Universe Mother Spirit in their Universe Administration

An Everlasting Covenant of Personal Partnership - Planetary Fellowship - Eternal Association - Saviorship of Progressive Evolutionary Ascendancy - Universe Engagement - Eternalizing Fulfillment - Cosmic Citizenship

Islands of Living Truth - Holy Comforter Planetary Cities of Light and Life - Worldwide Communities of the New School of the Planetary Prince - University of Salvington - Trinity Raising Influence

Christ Michael's 21st Century Bestowal Mission

Christ Michael has his ongoing virtual planetary activities .. accessible through his Michael of Nebadon Worldwide Communion .. the outreaching ministry extended from the New School of the Planetary Prince at University of Salvington .. easily available from your home through our digital Amphitheatrum at Google Meet during many different times of the week.

These Worldwide Communions will offer you a closer and more intimate contact with the Paradise Trinity and our Universe Father Son and Spirit, learning of the 21st Century Gospel Teachings of our Universe Sovereign Michael of Nebadon in an atmosphere sacred and holy wherein loving fellowship abounds with Joy and Compassion, Courage and Collegiality, Collaboration and Cooperation amongst your planetary fellows.

Write to our Office of First Contact for the dates and times of the Michael of Nebadon Worldwide Communion in your language and the convenient times of your day.


The Importance of Prayerful Intimacy Worshipful Communion, Individual and Group Study of the 21st Century Gospel Revelations, Unconditional Open Personal Sharing.

The word student comes from the Latin studere which means to be eager or zealous about.

A student of The 21st Century Gospel is eager about the facts, meanings, and values presented in its writings.

The word scholar comes from the Greek schole, meaning leisure. A disciple scholar of the revelation takes the extended, non-anxious time required for learning, free of the domination of any theological, ideological, or political purpose.

Christ Michael and the Celestial Revelators of the Urantia offer a surprising amount of teaching on the subject of study.

Study is one of the three main categories of activity for our morontia personality soul career.

The activities of such a morontial world are of three distinct varieties: work, progress, and play.

Stated otherwise, they are: service, study, and relaxation.

Study does not come easy for mortals, and only becomes truly voluntary later in our universe career. Study is becoming voluntary, unselfish service natural, and worship spontaneous...

Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Communion



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.