Michael of Nebadon Worldwide Communion

The Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Communion gives presenters and participants the opportunity to create together a holy atmosphere of a truly reciprocal spiritual relationship with God .. a sincerely-held connection through worshipful adoration contact .. prayerful intimacy praise .. intelligent worship and trustfulness .. necessary to grow each individual’s relation with Infinity Deity through their own Individualized Godhood.

In My Worldwide Communion, you are learning of your God-given endowments of human faculties, faith powers, in relationship with the Infinite Source and His Deity Circuits of Living Truth.

When I speak to you about “the living God,” I refer to a personal Deity which we may often call the Father in heaven or the Mother of Existence.

The concept of the personality of Deity facilitates fellowship; it favors intelligent worship; it promotes refreshing trustfulness. Interactions can be had between nonpersonal things, but not fellowship.

The fellowship relation of father and son or the relation between mother and daughter, as between God and human beings, cannot be enjoyed unless both are persons. Only personalities can commune with each other, albeit this personal communion may be greatly facilitated by the presence of just such an impersonal entity as the Indwelling Thought Adjuster.

Human beings do not achieve union with God as a drop of water might find unity with the ocean. Humankind attains divine union by progressive reciprocal spiritual communion, by personality intercourse with the personal God, by increasingly attaining the divine nature through wholehearted and intelligent conformity to the divine will.

Such a sublime relationship can exist only between personalities…

Michael Of Nebadon with a Divine Counselor
Celestial Revelators of Urantia
Edentia Society of Salvington



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.