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These are My disciples and apostles of the next millennia who have become .. through choice .. the useful branches on the living vine that I am, and they will soon becometh elevated in their usefulness, ennobled in their character motivations and values, enlivened in their purpose and human priorities, eternalized in their nature, and everlastingly ushered inwards unto the eternal stature of the sons and daughters of light and life."

In My 1st Century bestowal mission and in this present 21st Century bestowal mission, I am making it clear to you that the kingdom of heaven must begin with, and be centered in, the dual concept of the truth of the fatherhood of God and the correlated fact of the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind.

This reciprocal spiritual religious relationship is matured within each individual person's wholehearted willingness to unconditionally share their human mortal life with the Spirit Life of their Indwelling Adjuster Godhood.

Living a life of Prayerful Intimacy Praiseful Dedication .. Worshipful Communion Adoration. By raising their attentions of awareness by faith and trust unto the Father's Life Adjuster, and by implementing the full eleven powers of holy faith within their dedicated faculties of human being.

The acceptance of such a gospel understanding .. I declare .. shall liberate human lives from the age-long bondage of animal fear, doubt, and suspicious mistrust, and at the same time enriching and ennobling human living with the following endowment acquirements of the new life of spiritual liberty and prosperity, progressive advancement and developing the God-focused trajectories of achievement unto the Father's Immaculate Light and Life:

1. The possession of new courage and augmented spiritual power. The gospel of the kingdom shall set human life free and inspire each to dare to hope for eternal life through gradually becoming more godlike.

2. The gospel carries a message of new confidence, stabilizing faith conviction, and true consolation for all.

3. It is in itself a new standard of moral values and eternally-centric purpose and priority .. a new ethical yardstick wherewith to measure human expression. It portrays the ideal of a resultant order of a new humanity and an upraised chalice; a worldwide cultural renaissance of society.

4. My gospel revelation teaches the pre-eminence of the spiritual compared with the material; it glorifies the everpresent spiritual realities and exalts all those superhuman ideals made possible by the Father's Adjuster Presence.

5. This new gospel directs, preserves, and upholds the progressive evolutionary spiritual attainment as the true goal of living. Human life receives a new living endowment of moral value and divine dignity .. refreshing understandings regarding the meanings of human life .. and the vision of the Universal Parenthood of Life for humanity as a race and civilization.

6. I am presently teaching you the Way of God Authority, the Truth of Personality Authorship, and the Life of Progressive Personality Ascendancy. Hence, eternal realities are the resultant reward of righteous earthly striving. Humankind’s mortal sojourn on earth acquires new urges, meanings, vestments of reception in the development and acquirement of the soul vesture, cosmic perspectives of new upheld values, all consequent upon the recognition of this noble destiny and acknowledgement appreciation of the Individualized Life of God in you.

7. My 1st Century gospel and My newly illumined 21st Century gospel affirms that human salvation is the revelation of a far-reaching divine purpose and priority to be fulfilled and realized in the future destiny of all believers in their attainment of these precepts of My Instruction; the renewal of mind and heart focused upon the endless service of the saved sons and daughters of God.

The Indwelling Thought Adjuster unfailingly arouses in a human being the growth development of the vesture capacities of the soul .. a true and searching hunger for perfection .. together with a far-reaching curiosity and bravery for character maturity .. which can be adequately satisfied only by communion with God Individualized who is the divine source of that Adjuster.

The hungry soul of human beings refuses then, to be satisfied with the temporal satisfactions of the lowered and limited senses .. strives with its assertions for the personal realization of the living God.

Whatever more God may be than a high and perfect moral personality, he cannot, in your hungry and finite concept, be anything less; for He is the Center and Source of all Existence.

Such God-finding, God-delivering, God-discovering, believers who daily practice My instructional precepts .. they are living as if already in the presence of the Eternal.

Believers are becoming Cause and Life .. relating to this temporal life as if immortality already were within their grasp.

In the lives of such mortals there is a valid originality and aliveness .. a spontaneity of expression .. a vividness in their motivations .. that forever segregate them from those of their fellows who have imbibed only the ephemeral wisdom of the world.

You must not regard co-operation with your Adjuster as a particularly conscious process, for it is not; but your motives and your decisions, your faithful determinations and your supreme desires, do constitute real and effective cooperation.

You can consciously augment Adjuster harmony by:

1. Choosing to respond to divine leading; sincerely basing the human life on the highest consciousness of truth, beauty, and goodness, and then co-ordinating these qualities of divinity through wisdom, worship, faith, and love.

2. Loving God and desiring to be like him — genuine recognition of the divine fatherhood and loving worship of the heavenly Parent.

3. Loving man and sincerely desiring to serve him — wholehearted recognition of the brotherhood of man coupled with an intelligent and wise affection for each of your fellow mortals.

4. Joyful acceptance of cosmic citizenship — honest recognition of your progressive obligations to the Supreme Being, awareness of the interdependence of evolutionary man and evolving Deity. This is the birth of cosmic morality and the dawning realization of universal duty.

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