Mine Children of this Planetary World

I am a real Person .. true I am the Universe Expression of the Universal Father and Eternal Mother Son .. and I stand with the Universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon .. we work together in nurturing evolutionary development in all those worlds within our Care.

Hence beloveds, I am a real man now amongst you. I live in the United States .. in the State of Oregon. I have a physical body of flesh and blood. I eat your foods and I walk amongst the local provincialism of your world .. lovingly observing and attending to the kingdoms of life. I am locally here and non-locally everywhere at the same time.

I am Michael .. of this Universe of Nebadon .. And your planetary home is important to Me. I return here and now to foster growth in Absolute Love and Mercy .. in Truth and Availability.

As you enter your personal contact with Me .. through the New School of the Planetary Prince and its Isles of Light and Life .. and its Planetary Villages of Personality Training and Soul Advancement .. you will be experiencing growth unimaginable.

Is this what you desire .. to grow stronger and develop a wellness in your life within your mind and emotions and physical body?

Do you desire to become less emotionally reactive to others in your life so that you become capable of more unconditional loving?

Well then .. explore what I am offering to you, and to all humanity .. the opportunity to find happiness and inner harmony .. to feel important and of a fulfilling purpose which gives to you a direction divine with a clearness and purity of heart.

Behold .. for these reasons I return into the human experience .. to show you that I am a real personality .. a real man of modern times who cares about you; for you are each given to Me in My universal care .. to guide you and give you a greater expression and experience in your existence.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. Father Son Personified with the Infinite Spirit of the Universe Mother.

Together, we attend in loving care to all our children of every sphere of Nebadon.

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.