My Apostles of Joy & Good Cheer

Michael Of Nebadon


My apostles are pioneers who are courageous enough to bring forth anew My teaching gospel to those of your Planetary Civilization who yearn for Life more abundantly.

As My apostles, ye shall go before and pave the way. Ye shall break the ground of all erroneously conceived foundations where falsehood dwells and recalcitrance and rebellion thrives.

Ye shall sow the new and progressively prosperous seeds of truth, and ye shall lay the earthly foundation for My entrance unto the hearts and minds of the suffering and the impoverished ones.

My apostles outreach with passion to the unknowing .. they search out the true and humble seekers who have established the appropriate hunger in their hearts for My Father's Kingdom.

My apostles give themselves to the Father's Will and Way .. allowing growth in the Kingdom .. facilitating the greater establishing of truth receptive congregations upon the plains of the earth.

These ones are My leaders upon the earth who yearn to serve with Me in establishing the Father's Life in the hearts and minds and the physical vessels of all My children .. in every Kingdom of Life upon the earth.

To gain My spiritual authority to serve in the Kingdom, ye shall becometh arisen into one priority and one purpose and one proximity to the Father's Will of establishing the greater Perfection upon the earth.

Thine capabilities shall increase as thine character habits mature .. as thine personality flourishes in truth .. then thine holy gifts and capacities shall find their Expression and Experience once the Existential Ideal is embraced and then embodied by you.

As My apostles, I shall send thee forth to break new ground upon the hearts and minds of the believers who are athirst for wisdom gathering and love to broaden their meanings and values.

All authority is given to Me in the universe heavens and upon the earth .. go thou forth and learn of My Way of Victorious Accomplishment.

...and as you learn and grow in My Truth and Life, so shall I make of thee My disciples and apostles becoming baptized in the Heavenly Fire of the Universal Parenthood of all Life.

Michael of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.