My children of this planetary world ...

My mission upon the earth in this 21st Century begins your true understanding relationship with Me in ways I had yet to reveal .. and which I presently am revealing to human life.

I have begun .. since Galilee .. in pouring out My Spirit of Truth .. in establishing My Life upon the earth .. and in your hearts have I now taken My residence.

I am amongst you .. in flesh now and in My Spirit Life .. the living expression of Father Son and Spirit with the Universe Mother Spirit.

The Planetary Administration is with Me in this endeavor to harmonize the civilization into Truth and Love .. to guide the populace unto stability and security .. and to accelerate and rejuvenate thine existence in this ever-unfolding grace and generosity of the Trinity Parenthood of Life.

My Spirit of Truth .. you are bathing in now...

My Father’s Spirit is most certainly in your hearts .. and this day hath now come .. wherein you also have Me with you .. even as you now have the portion of Life of the Universal Father.

You have the Father's Life Spirit in thee .. the Comforter I am in and with thee .. the Universe Mother surrounding thee .. the Planetary Host and My Universal Administration for thee.

This new gift since Galilean times is the Spirit of Living Truth .. and I am returned now in your year of 2019 to instruct you in the proper relationship which we must have .. the righteous receptivity which ye must develop .. and the respectful use of My Spirit as thine guide and teacher.

The unbelievers shall quake from fear and defiance and the rebellious shall stand in resistance and weakness .. the doubters shall buckle under .. and the avoiders shall avoid their own evolutionary advancement. They will not at first listen to the teachings of My Truth Spirit .. yet, the sons and daughters of light will all receive Me gladly .. they will arise to partake of Me .. and with a whole heart and a sincere devoted mind .. they shall partake of Mine disciplines .. they shall live Mine divine yoke upon their countenance .. their character .. and they shall know Me in Spirit and in Truth.

The truth seekers shall taketh the Universal Hand of My Eternity Persona .. as I have come both in the garment of form and flesh for a time .. and ever now shall I be with you in Mine Comforter Spirit in thine heart.

I say unto all truth seekers and every aspirant who has yet to know Me as I am .. receive this gift in your hearts of Mine Comforter .. walk with Me in this physical mission for its duration of attendance upon the Kingdoms of the world, and I will abide with you forevermore in teaching you and guiding you and quickening you into your evolutionary expansiveness and attainment.

Perceive that I stand with you .. and never shall I leave you without My help and guidance.

Thine personality hath a mission to achieve .. a birthing to undergo .. a resolution to adhere to. I have come to permanently insert and establish the Trinitarian Circuitry of Power, Love, and Intelligence upon the earth for all creatures and individuals to transform themselves unto the Father's promise of Progressive Ascendancy.

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.