My God Revealing Bestowal Mission

From the beginning of My sojourn as one of you, I taught you that My one purpose was to reveal My Father in heaven to his children on earth.

Presently .. I am living the God-revealing bestowal that you might experience the God-knowing universe career that awaits your entrance.

I have revealed God as your Father in heaven and as the Spirit of the Life I AM in you and you in Me; I have revealed you as the sons and daughters of God on earth.

It is a fact that God loves you, his sons and his daughters. By faith in My Word this fact becomes an eternal and living truth in your hearts.

When, by living faith, you become divinely God-conscious, you are then born of the spirit as children of light and life, even the eternal life wherewith you shall ascend the universe of universes and attain the experience of finding God the Father on Paradise.

Verily do I say to thee .. open thine heart to hear Mine words. Give thyselves to listening with the mind and hearing with thine heart; only then shall you understand My meanings, purpose, directives, and venture with you.

I am come to reveal the Father Son, and to show you how to bring this revelation to thyselves .. to maketh of thineself a Shepherd of Sovereignty and Strength .. Stability and Security .. Safety and Simplicity .. who enhances the Kingdom, expands the One Kingdom of Love .. and become his living emanation of merciful light and life.

In your fulfilling of the law of sowing and reaping, ye are to understand that your universe career begins here upon this earthly and planetary platform.

The evolutionary progression into light and life shall take you years and it shall ask everything of you.

To know and understand these demands of the Spirit upon your mortal frame will give you strength in your expectations, and the wholehearted willingness to give yourself to this one way with your own Godhood Identity, and through the One Ideal of the Paradise Trinity Persons.

You are each the sons and daughters of God emerging into eternity .. into immortality as a personality.

As you work towards establishing this eternity fact of your relationship with the Infinite God by faith in My Word, then this fact becomes an eternal and living truth in your mind and heart and body.

Prayerful Intimacy by faith and trust relationship allows you to become faith-filled and trustworthy.

In this eternity venture of our living faith and elevated sincere trust, you shall become divinely God conscious and God attuned, as you are walking now gradually into the necessary purifications which have caused your demise and degeneration in other lifetimes, yet in this present birthing will you soon become luminous beings as you follow in this Way of God Victory.

Born once again of the spirit requires your complete devotion and dedication; it is a necessary unfoldment as children of light and life that your gradual ascent into eternal life shall ascend thee day by day.

And even this transmutation shall be yet the beginning of many other changes which will carry you along into the universe of universes, offering you opportunities to serve and the enhancement of those gifts to attain to the experience of finding God the Father on Paradise.

I enter the city of Jerusalem which is a symbol of your present civilization with its pomposity and impurities .. and which shall one day become cleansed and purified into the New Jerusalem .. and I have discovered the people in their holy temples .. they are immersed in the nature of the ephemeral self which hath unreason and an ill-fated purpose of its own making.

I come to whip their illusory urges and temporal inclinations into that differential and ascendant urge for righteousness and understanding .. for courage and counsel .. for that intuitively garneredimpulse of eternal personality survival.

The peoples shall become arisen; for I drive out all thine mechanical and material habits .. thine animalistic mindal tendencies do I provoke into their intended design and purpose.

Thine ascent unto the New Jerusalem is truly thine ascent from material-minded things to the places of the soul .. and this ascent .. My beloveds .. is destiny and order into the New Jerusalem of the First Revelation of the Father.

I have found the peoples whipped into submission by idols and images of their own preponderances .. their own self-created imaginations. And in the innermost holy place wherein the Spirit of the Initiatory First Thought dwells .. there is an awaiting .. a hopefulness .. and a promise; for the First Revealing has residence .. not in the temple courtyard surrounding the inner temple only .. but he dwells in absolute purity in the innermost regions of the individual personality mind and heart.

Verily do I reveal to Mine apostles of the world .. the holy place in thee is the holy of holies in which only the high priest enters .. the Sovereign Shepherd .. and where the awakened ones do enter therein they shall discover a light and life more brilliant than the system sun.

Yet .. the indwelling court of the temple, where My true disciples dwell and partake of Me .. is a symbolism of those apostles who are found to be in the midst of their own salvation. They daily deliver themselves into an ennoblement of eternity sons and daughters.

Those who are in the outskirts surrounding their holy temple .. are in the holy space selling oxen and sheep and doves .. the merchant consciousness of the world .. and the money changers are sitting there as well .. poised to profit off of their brethren.

These ones of the mind of the merchant who offer nothing freely but look at the coming of strangers to their outer temple as an occasion for trade and gain, they desire to use and to profit .. and because of their profit-centered thinking .. and their unbridled love of their money supply and material worth .. they are rebellious to make their necessary sacrifices for worshiping God in the highest and in the purest.

I tell thee .. Mine whip of understanding and knowledge .. courage and counsel .. spirit intuition and eternal inclination .. wisdom and worship .. these virtues are coming to humanity in all power and grace. They are the virtuous emanations of mind given by the Universe Mother .. which hath omnipotence over all ephemeralities of change and animalistic instincts of the heart.

This whip of the Mother's Presence hath dominion over all things. These virtues shall blow away the wickedness .. the wantonness .. the waywardness. The whip of the Holy Spirit shall become tied upon the wood of materiality, and this wood is a symbol of the cross .. the cross of the misqualified God Life.

Upon this wood of materiality are the gambling merchants and wickedness .. and these ones have nailed themselves to the wood .. they have attempted to destroy the holy temple .. yet they shall become destroyed.

Mine whip of understanding with the Mother Spirit brings great zeal for the living .. honor for the righteous .. advancement for the dignified and worthy.

Thine house shall become arisen .. for your house will consume thine wickedness as ye apply the whip of the Mother and the salve of the Son.

I have told you that if you attempt to destroy thine temple and dishonor its surrounding courtyard .. then ye shall find it impossible to cleanse it and raise it into its potencies of love.

Yet .. as ye have prepared thyselves .. then in three days thine home shall become raised and prospered by the Trinity.

In three full days thine temples shall become resurrected into light and immortal life only as you sacrifice the mists of ephemerality and achieve the Father’s Kingdom in you.

I come to demonstrate holiness and unity .. to inject truth everlasting into the collective mind of the civilization .. and to bring the light of righteousness and remembrance unto all the children of Infinity.

Michael Of Nebadon




Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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