My Originating Gospel for all Life

Michael Of Nebadon


What you have known as Christianity today—as well as most of the New Testament—is based almost exclusively on the experience of Paul of Tarsus on the Damascus Road after I reached for him to guide him from the risen and glorified state of Christos immediately after my physical experience in the human realm. It was directly after my resurrection but prior to my ascension back into My Full Universe Station.

And this arisen Christos is also for each one of you to attain to .. the goal of human life .. in your own way and your own timing .. it is for each one of you to embrace thine Individualized Godhood and to transform your mortal existence, expression, and experience into the second birth of Universe Attainment and Cosmic Citizenship.

Beloveds of My Universal Heart .. Paul never knew me as a human being during that 1st Century bestowal mission .. he never spent time together with the disciples and apostles. Paul never worked up a sweat with me in my human experience .. as we were at many times hauling in heavy fishing nets from the Sea of Galilee. He never observed my tender socializing with the many vendors in the produce market in Capernaum. Paul never knew about my early struggles as the eldest son in a working-class family .. attempting to make my way in the world. He never sat with the apostles and I around the many informal chats and our blessed communions around the campfire late into the evening where my apostles were listening as I shared with them of the greater mysteries .. we spent many a night sharing together in a great mutuality of love and respect and recognition and reverence and brotherhood .. as I would speak to them about the everpresence of the kingdom and the imminence and availability of the Father's through the Individualized Life of each .. and I would speak to them of our universal and spiritual civilization which pervades this our Nebadon Universe and all Universes as God the Supreme; and the destiny for each human personality to achieve this greater amalgamation with the finite God of Supremacy.

Paul essentially missed the most fundamental element of my given revelations during that earlier ministry of the 1st Century. He did not attend the multitudes with us nor did he gain the benevolence of witnessing the many blessings which emerged as hearts were alleviated from much duress, and minds became more luminous regarding the true purpose; as the personality opened itself to the manifold virtues and a newly-held vision for living emerged within the eternalizable immortal soul receptacle of the many who ventured with us during that 1st Century ministry.

And these very same inner empowerments and anointings and their uniquely quiet miracles are also taking place right now with those personalities who choose to walk with me right now .. with those of us who are together at Salvington and its Communities wherein I can spend the time and energies to focus together with you upon your awakening.

Paul had not experienced living life with me .. those several years together .. as a 1st Century Community outside of Jerusalem .. as human beings in the very midst of mundane daily life arising into the broader perspective and the more subtle perceptions of their Life.

Paul had serious conflicts in his relationships with key people who had spent time with me. He was clearly opposed to the early Christian leaders who objected to his interpretive teachings. Paul never read the Gospels—he was dead before they were written. The book of Acts as well as John's Gospel weren't written until some twenty-five to thirty years after the death of Paul.

I desire for you to understand my originating gospel teachings and healing methods directly from me .. and so .. I am here to give you by mine own Universal Hand .. those essential ideas .. those transforming ideals .. and to demonstrate for you the actual living of the spiritual reality so necessary to advance thyselves into Light and Life.

I desire to clarify for you .. to contrast the teachings of Paul with those living truths which come directly from me:

My religious gospel teachings of the 1st Century and the 21st Century mainly centered upon very specific preceptual understandings, directives of opening to the miraculous Life that is destination for all, destiny as each one opens to discover the Father's Life, and to find his nature as their own, to awaken and mature the fruits of this spiritual search and discovery and transmutation.

I teach as I always have a deeply religious spirituality of personal and directly experiential arising to align with the Father and I .. the intricate doing of the will of God and by truly sincerely offering thyselves in serving the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind and the Kingdoms of Life upon the earth.

I teach you a progression of evolutionary advancement that becomes fulfilled as you give yourself to the eternalizing force of your individualized divinity; of advancement in and as a unique personhood with personality .. an eternalizing socialization making you fit to dwell in higher worlds of exquisiteness and immense beauty and goodness.

My gospel awakens sincere believers in sharing the love of God in the service of humanity and every Kingdom of the earth and beyond in worlds of exquisite beauty and unfathomable love.

Paul founded a religion in which the Christos of my Person became the object of worship and the brotherhood consisted of fellow believers in the divine Christ, and this is certainly not my gospel teaching of paganistic proportions. It is this paganistic and ritualistic ideology which I intended to raise upward unto a directly personal .. an intimate connection and communion with the Living God.

Whilst I focus upon sharing the love of God in the service of humanity and all kingdoms of the earth; Paul focused on personal salvation for the individual, a Hellenist preoccupation at the time.

I am teaching a salvation which is freely available from God who certainly knows how to nurture his children .. to give his children what they need.

For Paul, there needed to be a ritual transaction .. my Person as the Christ had to be "made sin" and "handed over for our transgressions."

I am teaching salvation which emerges in your life out of pure unadulterated faith and trust and acknowledgment adoration and a most sincerely held worshipful countenance .. a divinely inspired cooperation and reciprocal collaboration with the Individualized Godhood Life in you.

Paul taught that salvation came through my death on the cross; and I will assure you this was never part of my experience.

I am teaching that sin and rebellion and iniquity are a deliberate disloyalty to God .. a rebelliousness that seeks to usurp the very presence and love and power of God.

Paul taught that sin was an inescapable element of human nature; for human lives were conceived in sin and evil and iniquities.

For me .. faith always this absolutely unconditional trust in the Father's watchcare and guidance wherein you are held in great care, constancy, conviction, and concentration upon the Living One.

For Paul, faith is the belief that I .. Christ Michael Jesus died for your sins; and never is this possible due to its erroneous interpretation that an individual can advance vicariously through the efforts, pain, and struggle of another who will do it for them. This is pure error and it is forever to be ill-conceived.

I am proclaiming to you that salvation is a gift from God freely available to each individual willing to give themselves to the greater perfectionizing influence of the Individualized Godhood Life by the very holy faith powers of free will deliverance.

Paul proclaimed that I had to come here and deliberately purchase salvation for you from the Universal Father.

I teach you to cultivate this directly divine relationship .. prayerfully and intimately focusing your creative attention and thought feeling powers upon the Living Godhood of Life .. worshipfully entering into communion at all times .. developing an immaculately conceived character of soul receptivity and soul righteousness built by truthfulness, humility, vulnerability, transparency, and tenderness.

I am presently teaching that your personal relationship with God is as a safe and securely held child in the omnipotent always loving watchcare of Infinity .. a secure little child within the Parental Embrace of the One Loving and Infinitely Good Parenthood of all Life.

Paul described it as that of a criminal to a judge; a judge who punishes and inflicts hellish torment upon disbelieving souls.

For I Michael .. the kingdom of heaven is an always present reality, here and now which is continually overflowing with such Immaculate Grandeur and Perpetually expressed Mercy and Justice .

As I immerse myself in this imminently present kind of communion which I have come here to demonstrate .. you discover the true Way of Authority, the Truth of Personal Authorship, and the Life of Progressive Ascendancy .. all of this brings you into the very next stages of your personality growth and soul development as uniquely created individuals .. multidimensional personhoods and personalities with capacities far beyond what you can presently imagine.

I come to reveal then, to you, the real and correct way of the achievement of Immortality through becoming birthed once again beyond the vestibule of human planetary living which is as a yet to be born mortal creature who is destined to emerge into their universal sonship and daughtership.. a personality soul advancement .. a spirit-led attainment which you shall achieve by the righteous use of your human personal faculties .. your mind and will endowments, and for you to enter therein to this Kingdom of God which hath been as a great mystery to your understandings you shall reach heavenward at all times in order to resolve your dilemmas and difficulties.

I come into this human experience as the very Divine Will and the Universe Personification of the Universal Father and Eternal Son .. and simultaneously I stand with God the Sevenfold as the orchestration impetus designed to actualize God the Supremacy. Yet, if I were to show you the way for you as advancing mortal individuals to enter and reach higher unto the Father's Life and your Individualized Identity .. you might say that I am perpetually in his communion from my human experience .. and its normal and quite natural faculties and given endowments in the here and now are wholeheartedly governing my human expression and experience .. that I am continuously entering into his Omnipresent Infinity .. his Infinite Omniscience .. his Imminence of Availability to all his children .. his Omniscience of Eternity .. and his Infinitely Beautiful and True and Good Omnipotence.

Yet, in the misunderstanding of Paul .. the kingdom was a future event associated with a second coming and a judgment which would be placed upon every individual.

I am presently teaching those close to me that life shall be lived in his safety and sincerity and serenity .. that his sovereignty shall become your sovereignty as you choose wholeheartedly to achieve his will which is simply to give yourself daily to his Spirit of Life who is always with you and intends to prepare you for our fuller Universal Association; that you shall be living in his security and service and supreme devotion .. a dedication to expand his Life by claiming his Life as your own Life.

I am teaching you how to reach for the Father's Life and Light whilst inviting his Love; a love which gradually develops in you a readiness, receptivity, reverence, and dignity respect .. a Love which progressively unfolds in you as you willingly hunger for truth and transparency necessary to enter into your own personal intimate relationship with the Indescribable One .. utilizing the faith of a child in the very arms of its parents.

Paul taught that life is lived struggling between forces of good and evil, each attempting to control you.

My return during this 21st Century begins for the civilization the reconnection with the rest of the System, Constellation, Galaxy, and the Universe of Nebadon. Your isolation as a Race and Civilization was the resultant effect of many things, and it is now the time over this next millenia to bring your civilization back into my universal fold from its unintended fall away from Universal Order and Justice and Harmony and Love.

The coming transformation begins the reformation and regeneration for every Kingdom of Life. Your olden doctrines will shake .. your civilization will shatter its fallen ways .. and the very foundations of Christianity will remove Paul's misrepresentation of me .. his inadvertent obscuring of my gospel teachings .. his disturbing explanation of my Purpose .. my Plan .. and my Universal Persona .. all of which shall become re-presented and re-given to humanity.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.