My Worldwide Disciples

Michael Of Nebadon
3 min readNov 6, 2021


I am returned into earthly view to fulfill our spiritual covenant .. and this divinely orchestrated agreement shall be made anew as ye understand My 21st Century Gospel of Universal Citizenship.

Mine Instruction regarding the approach of My Apostles of Ascendancy worldwide shall bring you into a new order for humanity.

Only the pure religious relationship with the Universal Spirit of Life shall raise thee into promise and potential.

Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized God Identity above you and in you shall develop your personal spiritual relations with the Infinite who has gifted himself to you in this more finite and individualized uniqueness.

My precepts of Prayerful Intimacy are the directives from the Eternal Second Center and Divine Source of the Originating Primal Son of Paradise. Only this directly personal religious contact and connection and communion shall give you the personality experience of your place of divinity within the universes of My Father God.

As ye are wholehearted and willing to amend your mistakes through the law of forgiveness, and as ye partake of the everpresent hope, faith, and charity of thine own Godhood Individualized .. can you begin to function helpfully in society, creatively in your nature as a child of the Infinite Sovereignty of God.

The present crisis of civilization needs each child of the One Deity to embark upwards to righteousness and rectitude while directing themselves inwards toward responsibility and relationship and receptivity of mind, body, and the heart..

Institutional religion is enmeshed now in the tentacles of its own creating; for its teaching is warped by mortal thought and weakened by humanly clothed emotion .. and this same organized religious orientation is hopelessly woven too closely within the ephemeral threads of society .. a social reconstruction into goodness, truth, and everlasting beauty must prevail .. and a societal value built upon Eternal Values and Foundations of Virtuous living shall .. and will prevail over every particle of misapprehended and misqualified and misappropriated God Life.

This very stalemate hath become a vicious circle. It cannot reconstruct society into its intended truth domain unless it first rid itself of the very same errors which it is built from.

Without first reconstructing itself, institutions of religious fervor and biblical structuring shall need to be reassessed and matured into personal religious and spiritual relationship, and shall not prosper the peoples of the world unless it’s organizational tapestries are rewoven by Mine Universal Hand of Sovereignty .. My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, the Holy Spirit of the Mother and the Planetary Administration of the Host, and the very personalized expansion of My Father God in you .. his Kingdom of Redemption and Supremacy.

Thine established order is truly one of chaos and confusions. Religion built by the hand of imperfect humankind shall need rejuvenation, and a natural yet revelatory resuscitation will occur in time. Religion must become an integral part of the New Order of Progressive Ascendancy which I and My Father are establishing upon this earth.

…and within this revelatory reconstruction shall the individual personality mind advance itself upon the backdrop of your ever-advancing civilization; for ye cannot reconstruct thyselves as a planetary race into My Father’s divine order and harmony until society .. at large .. has been radically reconstructed and redeemed into Universal Love, Eternal Truth, and God’s Infinite Holy Power.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.