Nations of the Planetary Civilization

I sayeth unto the nations of thine planetary society that a goodly time cometh when humankind shall love their neighbor as the very Self of all .. that confusion, fear, doubt, and mistrust shall no longer findeth its pathways into human experience and expression; for these are the misqualifications of human thought and emotion which have perpetrated every limitation and lack upon thine world.

Let not thine understandings be confused in these things .. for I tell you that there shall cometh no cataclysm which human creatures make not themselves from out of their own ignorance and misappropriations of Life.

Once again do I say to you .. there cometh no tribulation yet only the everpresent opportunity of personal learnings, trials of choice, testings in priorities and values. These are thine quests for soul advancement and personhood maturings into the higher knowledge and the clearer applications of the endowments which you've each been given by Us.

I am sovereign over all within this universe. I and the Universe Spirit guide all unto fulfillment and maturity as children of the One Nameless Infinity. I maketh mine planetary worlds to give greater sentience .. to provide a service for educational advancement .. for the greater demonstration of thine nature, character, and identity to taketh root and become established.

Illumine those individuals who profess that God shall punish to realize that our Father Mother is of Infinite Love and Unending Merciful Compassion. He punishes not nor shall he bring you to your individual testing; for this is of your own authorship which shall be dedicated to the right understanding of authority and accountability.

Those who proclaim to know .. they oft knoweth not. Those who would steer human thought unto destructive impulses .. they project their own ignorance and wish fulfillments upon the race. Those who say, behold there is destruction .. they cause their own deafness, dumbness, and decadence to make itself visible for all to see, yet these things cometh out of the error of men’s minds.

Tell those who profess to knoweth Me that they do not yet know Me, nor do they follow in My religious ways of Truth. Inform them that they err.

All destruction that might cometh upon the individual and the race is made of themselves; for there is no such a thing as victim and perpetrator .. no such an occurrence of attack out of the self-perpetuated chaos that does not cometh upon one's own selfhood out of their misuse of the endowment given and their visible creational manifestations which plague those who send forth the very same into My Father's Body.

Michael Of Nebadon


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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.