Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

Michael Of Nebadon
5 min readApr 16, 2019


Arise and be exceeding wise! Walk and be exceeding humble in the avenues of our ascent!

I have given thee great measures to enhance thine divinity. I prepare thine way .. thine truth .. and thine Life within the Father's Sovereignty.

All your high accomplishments in mortal thought are but thine beginnings unto worlds beyond the realm of mind and sense; all philosophies and religions made with mortal hands are but the illusive shadows flitting upon the walls of time.

I come to tell you of a life beyond all temporary achievements .. a life attained by entering within thyselves; a real life that cannot rot .. decay .. nor pass away.

In humankind's technology and science and finance and philosophy .. there is no power strong enough to propel thine personhood .. thine personality soul to recognise itself, to reflect upon the infinity, to transform thine nature, or to commune with God.

Repress not your mind's thoughts of sensory things and things seen and heard .. nor shall you oppress those human flows of intellection .. those currents of your great streams of thought; yet do I tell thee beloveds .. turn them to the channels of developing the soul in building relationship with the Spirit of Life.

Unaided by the breath of the Father's Spirit .. the work of mortal intellection and sense achievement shall solve the conflicts of the things that you see .. yet nothing more shall become accomplished. You must raise your impulses and qualify thine urges in the ways of your developing and emergent soul vesture.

Thine senses are designed to bring into the mind only sense images .. pictures of the things that inevitably pass away with time; these senses have their place in the scheme of life .. yet they do not deal with real and permanent things; they do not comprehend eternal law nor do they hold the promise of aiding your ascent into the Heavenly One who lives in thy midst.

Yet .. human beings have that nameless impulse and urge .. that mysterious something in their personhood which when attended to shall cause thine receptacle of the soul to emerge; this nameless quality and inclination when directed rightly will tear away the veil of materialism and its density .. such transformations of mind and will and the entire personality shall part the ephemeral seas of visible things .. so that ye may see the world of real things, of mighty spiritual worlds without end, of the Adjuster Life.

Come .. arise from thine sleep of the ages .. caress thine eternal intimacy with the Father's Kingdom by the transfiguration of all temporal fissures which stand between you as personality soul and the everpresent Light and Life of God our Father.

We may refer to this expansion of personality mind and will as the vesture of the soul. This soul vesture brings cooperation with the Eternal One .. it generates collaboration of an unearthly joy .. it allows you to open wide the inner currents into spirit consciousness; these tendencies sleep in every personhood .. and shall become awakened as you mature all material hungers and intellectual thirst for the realm of Truth and Love Absolute. Then, thine individual personality soul shall becometh resurrected ... the very first steps into the soul vision and soul verities and soul volitions shall emerge.

Yet .. these things which bring joy and happiness can be awakened only as you stand forth in your loyalties with the Infinite Source .. then his Holy Breath becomes a welcome guest in the dwelling place of thy mortal life.

This Adjuster Spirit Life is as a Holy Breath which leads you upwards in character .. which spiritualizes all desires into service and surrender .. he knocks at the door of every personality soul, but cannot enter in, until the will of the human throws wide the doorways of consent.

Be thou courageous and bold in this pursuit. There is no power in thine intellect which can transmute the ways of animal urges and material tendencies into Truth and Reality; all world philosophies, the intellections of science and mathematics .. these have toiled for eons to attempt to get a glimpse behind the veil of this mysterious religious realization and eternity relationship; yet have they all failed to penetrate the eternity-mystery.

You each who have come closer to Me .. who have pierced the veil of fears and doubts .. who have nurtured the visionary eye of faith and trust .. you have been learning with Me that there is a secret heavenly spring within you that throws ajar the gateways of mind and will unto the vesture of soul; and this soul vestment hath the capacity to reach for eternal things .. to raise its sights toward the transcendent .. to begin to maketh thine home in the Godlife.

The great procession of Life is initiated by nothing else than absolute purity in life, by prayerful intimacy, by claiming thine creative nature and Identity in holy thought and feeling, and through the renewal of all priorities into this singularity of purpose.

Relinquish the mind's perceptions from only those sense attentions .. allow the stream of thine thought to mingle within the clear waters of your Godhood. Let the wellspring of the Father's Life flood you with his glory and generosity of Spirit-life.

Now .. ye art walking upright into heavenly holiness, and all righteousness of mind and heart ripens in the individual who makes singular this purpose; for the essence of eternity desires to be in communion with every emerging child of life .. to eternalize every urge and recalcitrant demeanor into dignity and divinity.

Now .. thine soul emerges to drink of the spiritual consciousness of the Father's Love. He who hath Individualized himself .. giving you a portion of his Infinity so that you might choose to absorb the way of the heavens .. that ye may wonder in awe and reflection at the Infinity of Existence. In this approach shall you discover Me .. ye shall bring to birth in thyselves all answers necessary for you to succeed; ye shall cause to emerge truth and understanding necessary to find resolution with every emerging challenge; and thine relationship with the everpresent flow of Life shall becometh overflowing.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.