There shall develop in thee those great motives emerging from within the One Life .. those great and unconquerable principles driving all choices and the indescribable discovery of God's Life.

Verily do I raise your sights and ennoble thine standards .. elevating thine vision and exalting thine total personhood.

Great and elevated standards of excellence are to be attained by those individuals who art prone towards truth and wonder and reverential cooperation.

Thine emerging evolutionary soul shall becometh equipped for entering nearer unto God .. thine personality soul shall reach for the Divine Agencies .. shall humbly ask for deliverance .. and shall voluntarily offer all disharmonious thought and feeling unto Life.

These are the Eternal Agencies and Divine Circuits of unalterable power and grace and intelligence .. generosity and giving and mercy.

I come as Father Son .. the restraining educative and quickening force of all Goodness and Beauty and Truth.

I come as the saving Influence of Infinity .. God the Sevenfold .. which is constantly acting to exalt Life and to bequeath the mortal frame with the Propensities of Deliverance.

Thine mind cannot educate itself unto value and virtue and lift itself to an intellectual and spiritual plane of vision without the Universe Mother Spirit and I.

Our Goodness influences all creatures great and small to feel a conscious sense of power .. a true autonomy of the mind and eventually the awakening grandeur of the heart.

The race struggles toward its advancement in light and life shall become a reality only as each individual arises to realize the force of higher ideas and accepts the invitation to grow into those ideas by becoming the living ideal.

I say .. she and he who follow Me shall no longer struggle in the darkness and they shall no longer be enslaved to their own self-deceit. They shall becometh arisen unto nobility and honor and simplicity within the One .. and they shall mature unto greater the capacity, a refinement of character, and a more cosmic consciousness and Universe perspective shall emerge .. unifying themselves within the Life who lives in every moral individual.

Capacity for divine personality is inherent in the prepersonal Life Adjuster .. the One who lives within the highest mind of every morally capable person.

Capacity for the human personality to actualize its inherent potentialities within the cosmic-mind endowment of the human being is dependent fully upon the Father Within.

Yet, the experiential personality of the mortal personality is not observable as an active and functional reality until after the material life vehicle of the mortal creature has been touched by the liberating divinity of the Universal Father through God Fusion and by traversing unto the Will of Eternity.

And, as human personality grows its status into Immortality .. so shall it become launched upon the seas of a more universal experience as a self-conscious and a (relatively) self-determinative and self-creative personality.

Michael Of Nebadon
Celestial Revelator Corps



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.