Salvington Mission

Michael Of Nebadon
2 min readOct 23, 2018

The Mission of Salvington and Christ Michael Of Nebadon

To heal, bless, prosper, educate, enlighten, illuminate, accelerate, and graduate into Cosmic Citizenship!

Salvington nurtures the individual personality’s experiential unfolding wisdom and understanding knowledge of God and his Pure Objectivity of Love, the mortal personality’s progressive attainment by it’s intended design for transmutative evolutionary personality mind and emerging immortal soul illumination, and the personality soul’s developing powers and prerogatives and purposes of its personality ascendancy in the Kingdom family of the Trinity Parenthood.

This divine plan of perfection attainment embraces three unique, though marvelously correlated, enterprises of universal adventure:

The Plan of Progressive Attainment. This is the Universal Father’s plan of evolutionary ascension, a program unreservedly accepted by the Eternal Son when he concurred in the Father’s proposal, “Let us make mortal creatures in our own image.” This provision for upstepping the creatures of time involves the Father’s bestowal of his Life Spirit and the endowing of material creatures with the prerogatives of personality.

The Bestowal Plan. The next universal plan is the great Father-revelation enterprise of the Eternal Son and his coordinate Sons. This is the proposal of the Eternal Son and consists of his bestowal of the Sons of God upon the evolutionary creations, there to personalize and factualize, to incarnate and make real, the love of the Father and the mercy of the Son to the creatures of all universes.

The Plan of Mercy Ministry. When the attainment plan and the bestowal plan had been formulated and proclaimed, alone and of himself, the Infinite Spirit projected and put in operation the tremendous and universal enterprise of mercy ministry. This is the service so essential to the practical and effective operation of both the attainment and the bestowal undertakings, and the spiritual personalities of the Third Source and Center all partake of the spirit of mercy ministry which is so much a part of the nature of the Third Person of Deity. Not only in creation but also in administration, the Infinite Spirit functions truly and literally as the conjoint executive of the Father and the Son.

The educational fellowship and eternity association with the Universe Son and Universe Spirit educate and enlighten and eternalize personalities on the original and holy desires of personality; in the advancement and progressive ascendancy in the Kingdom of Light and Life.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.