Salvington New School of the Planetary Prince

The fundamental opening engagement and the greatest opportunity in religiously-induced education today is to create engaging learning experiences that scale upward and inward to enhance, enthuse, ennoble, and eternalize.

At Salvington New School of the Planetary Prince of Urantia, we are working with the Celestial Government and Revelatory Commission of Nebadon .. the universe faculty, staff, and schools of Salvington to reignite education on a global scale for all individuals, both on our campus and throughout the world.

A true college experience, Salvington’s Colleges are first and foremost a community of learning where our collegial culture offers learning opportunities in every direction possible.

Our Salvington curriculum seeks to stimulate personal soul growth and actualization, raising the essential questions that give rise to sustained and thoughtful discussion and the amplification of the eternal values of existence.

The Salvington curriculum is conceived as a coherent program of study, which immerses students in reading great books, immersing themselves in the faith gospel of Michael Of Nebadon, learning to implement the precepts of His gospel, and in lively and unmediated conversation with one another within the study halls of Salvington. The comprehensive perspective of the lectures and study hall discussions are balanced and supported by the more detailed work and practical activities of the tutorials and dialogues.

Salvington’s strong commitment to collaborative inquiry, investigation of the eternal laws and precepts behind all the planets and galaxies, through the quiet and yet vibrant study of original texts makes the Salvington New School of the Planetary Prince Colleges experience a particularly vibrant community of learning.

Through close engagement with the works of some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers — from Homer, Plato, Aristotle and Euclid to Nietzsche, Einstein, Woolf, and Blake — undergraduate and graduate students at the Salvington Planetary Prince Colleges grapple with the fundamental questions of existence that confront us as human beings. As they participate in lively discussions in our study halls of learning, and throw themselves into the activity of translating, writing, demonstrating, conducting explorations within themselves, they are having the opportunity to experiment and implement eternal precepts, and analyzing universal compositions, Salvington’s students learn to speak articulately, read attentively, reason effectively, and think creatively as they traverse the eternal precepts and gospel revelations of the universes.

At the heart of Salvington’s twelve Colleges program is a curriculum focused on the most important books and ideas of Western civilization.

Following a reading list that includes many Great Books, as well as the revelatory writings of the Celestial Ministers and the gospel revelations of Michael, all classes are conducted in either lecture or seminar-style, with often a trilingual facilitation of the discussion.

Our program is a truly comprehensive education that is perhaps one of the most rigorous in the Americas.

The Academic Programs

All classes at Salvington’s Colleges are small and students take active responsibility for their education, formulating questions and developing their thoughts in dialogue with one another. The Faculty and the Academic Fellows at Salvington’s Colleges share the College’s dedication to an education that privileges intellectual and soul engagement over rigid expertise; they regard themselves as guides and mentors whose task is not to transmit information alone, but to elicit an expansion of receptivity capacities which pose questions that further students’ ability to develop as thinkers in their own right; as soul venturers setting out upon the vast horizon to discover truth within themselves and all things. Every student’s contribution receives serious consideration as classes delve into discussions of foundational works of philosophy, religious texts and revelations, the literature of the western canons, cosmological revelations which expand consciousness and deepen realization, heightening spirit perceptions and clarifying truthful motivations, and revelatory theology which opens the mind to venture forth into unknown areas of adventure and greater understanding, soul psychology which acts as a partnership in penetrating the human nature and delving deeply into to artifices of human nature.

By immersing themselves in these investigations, by examining their own ideas and feelings in conversation with faculty and fellow students, and by exploring their insights in their own written journal work, student fellows acquire formidable soul-defining strategies and spiritual skills while they cultivate an enduringly upraised and focused character; character habits of intuitive openness, understanding, courage, discovery of new knowledge, fellowship counsel amongst one another, and worshipful reciprocity and wisdom gathering orderly progression for truth and love and realization to emerge. A critical self-analysis emerges, a self-evaluation blossoms, and the powers to be thinking beyond the box of traditional world and cultural ideas is allowed to grow strong and wide. They learn to take themselves and others seriously as reasoning and feeling beings, to work together as collaborators and colleagues in a collegial atmosphere of mutual respect and recognition, and to lead fruitful lives of independent reflection and shared activity whilst growing in their stature as personality soul attaining the supreme goal of union with the Spirit Life within.

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Understand the faculties, capacities, rights, attitudes, attributes, sensitivities, reasonings, intuitions, receptivities, powers, and the divine circuitry in the human experience.

A Preparation for Life and Beyond

As student fellows work in and across disciplines of the spirit-led life, wrestling with the precepts of existence in their applications, delving into the origins of certain philosophic expositions and literary works which extend from the poetic to the proseful, they acquire habits of mental and emotional flexibility and focus, develop their powers of holy faith and intellect and imagination — and so become effective solvers of their life experiences, leaders in nurturing the maturing growth of all others, thinkers who are gaining access to regions of awareness and attention, and communicators who are learning to embody what they may speak about.

Salvington’s Colleges give students a foundation necessary to span the globe as learners and leaders, as individuals passionate in their pursuit of truth and God actualization.

Salvington is for artists, makers, and innovators; for outdoor adventurers and conservationists; for deep thinkers and spiritual seekers who yearn for All that Is.

On Urantia these plans for planetary progress and cultural advancement are now well under way, proceeding most satisfactorily in advancing the world culture towards achieving a world civilization of the righteous understanding of individual sovereign inalienable rights and endowments regarding their Universe Association and Spiritual Relationship with Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit

Salvington New School of the Planetary Prince of Urantia teaches you to think widely, eternally, and with vast new meanings, and supports you with funded service opportunities. We inspire creative thought and a soul emerging expansive imagination which teems with faith and trust in the goodness of the universes and the One Fountainhead Source which has brought into existence all things. The result leads to mind-blowing universe careers and heightened paths of growth and soul exploration.

The Sevenfold Embodiment of God in each unique individual promises all personalities who venture into this divine cooperation to experience existence through a maturing engagement with Life, the extension of that one existence into expression, the expansion and emanation of this expression into fulfilling and genuine, authentic and exuberantly-felt experience.

A capacity for truthfulness, tenderness, transparency, temerity, and heightening trust in the goodness of Life, the truth of existence, and the beauty of the individual expression becoming aligned with the glory of God.

Enlighten the civilization regarding the personal relationship of the Universe Mother Spirit and the Universe Father Son with each individual personality in the Universe of Nebadon.

Enlarge all conceptualizations of Deity, Divinity, and Reality, and the way to become engaged with the Great Circuitry of the One Deity.

Experientialize and Actualize the Progressive Ascendancy of Mortal Personhood in the Way of God Authority, the Truth of Personality Authorship, and the Life of the Plan of Progressive Ascendancy in our Universe.

Enliven and Advance the Understandings of Truth, Love, and Eternal Vision by strengthening a comprehension of the individual’s faculties, capacities, character, powers, and personal consciousness in relationship with the Great Circuitry of God.

Eternalize the Individual Progressive Unfolding of all Mortal Vestments of Capacity, Values of Personality Achievement, Personality Soul Virtues, Visionary Collaboration of each Individual, Verities of Authorship, and the Seventh Master Spirit Volitions of Attitudes of Ascendancy and Attributes of Ascendancy.

Evolutionize Eternal Verities, Volitional Attitudes of Mind and Will and Personhood in order to begin the unfolding drama from the planetary levels of evolution which is as the pond of the universe into the Great Streams and Rivers, and the Ocean of Socialization and Personhood Ascendancy.

Ennoble and Develop Personality Soul Perspectives and Perceptions, and those necessary Cosmic Achievements of Personality in embodying all values, virtues, and vision of Eternity.

Enhance Spiritual Perceptions and Engraven Truth Discernment in the Acceleration of each Mortal Personality Soul towards their God Fusion and Universe Career and Fulfillment.

Expand Universal Consciousness and Mature Cosmic Awareness in the duty and allegiance with God the Supreme and His Kingdom of Heaven.

The planetary civilization and its kingdoms of life giving birth to a new age of religion — a religious spirituality of conscious reciprocal spiritual relations with the Living Intelligence Circuits of Infinite Triune Deity

Religion based on personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father and wholly validated by the supreme authority of genuine personal experience

The religion of Michael unifies the Fatherhood of God with the brotherhood of the sons of God. The growth of our sacred personal relationship with the Father leads directly to the spiritual civilization of the sons of the Father. There can be no higher personal and social ideal

The religion of Michael is the religion of light and life which is realized first personally, then socially, and finally globally the kingdom in its fullness.

Michael Of Nebadon Sovereign Trust is the unifying agency which brings forth the mandates of the Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Revelatory Commission provides the Paradise Sons. The Trust controls, upholds, preserves, and ascends all implementations of the restorative renewal and revelation of the Planetary Epochal Evolutionary Progressive Development

Upon the Sea of Glass Amphitheatrum Broadcasting Station of the New School of the Planetary Prince

Universe Broadcasting Amphitheatrum of the Celestial Revelators of the Urantia Papers with the 21st Century Gospel Revelations of Michael

Celestial Revelatory Commission — Michael Of Nebadon Sovereign Trust — The Celestial Revelators of Nebadon

The Celestial Revelators with the Planetary Prince compose the Planetary Teaching Mission and its Revelatory Commission which fosters Christ Michael’s Planetary Initiatives for the Life Kingdoms of the Planet.

Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.

It is Michael’s Plan to reveal the religion of light and life, the spiritual culture of light and life, and that universe knowledge which is prelude to light and life. We are assured that our planetary destiny is light and life; the Father’s divine plan for this world will prevail.

Governor Trustees
Salvington New School of the Planetary Prince of Urantia

Office of First Contact



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Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.