The Advancement of Love is Attainable

Michael Of Nebadon
4 min readNov 24, 2021


Thine emerging vesture of the personality soul shall be acquired by thee progressively .. as you advance your adjutant mind and its capacities .. as you develop thine character of reverential respect for Life, righteousness of alignment, and the awakening of the discriminatory faculties of absolute rectitude .. as you learn of thine personality authorship in the mastery of all thine inner causes and effects; for as ye understand the endowment bestowed upon you .. and as ye sow constructively in thought, so shall ye reap by your experience the everlasting light only as you have learned to resow back into pure light any and all things.

Thine soul pursuit shall always be greater than all thine daily ephemeral pursuits...

Men and women do not want so much done for them, as they want the understanding of how to do for themselves within their personal spiritual reciprocal relationship to the Great Circuitry of Deity Intelligence.

Individuals desire to acquire those necessary capabilities of greater mastery .. that they attain to the right ways of living .. and that they are elevated and ennobled.

They want to comprehend the precise mathematical laws of the universes which allow the planetary orbs of the galaxies to turn on their axis in harmony and order.

As ye strive for exactness in the truth of the heaven of heavens .. as ye reach with hunger to comprehend thyselves .. ye shall achieve knowledge of the Father's exactness and of his truthfulness in nature and character; ye shall discover thine capabilities within the reaches of thine own soul's development.

I sayeth unto thee with the necessary thirst in thine heart .. thine faculties and powers are called forth into service with me; ye shall mature thine priorities and purify thine everlasting purpose in order to grow towards the Infinity of Perfection.

Ye shall want thine sentiments awakened unto a regeneration of living .. a renewal of thought .. an upraised soul vesture of mind .. and a refreshed life to be lived; ye shall want thine ambitions fired upwards with a great purposefulness; that you advance into closer proximity to the Father and I.

Those with the eye of faith awakening .. they want to believe and to grow their faith and trust .. they desire the fluidity of daily motivations driven by this indwelling One who inspires all inspiration and insightful answers which come through the elevation unto a new way of living.

Then, shall the newly revised and great ideas appear as an ideal to live for; a quickened moral conscience shall illumine mind and heart .. an aroused self-respect and dignity shall overtake personality .. a new perception of those everpresent spirit realities shall birth itself .. for these are my apostles who are about their personal mission upon the earth .. to grow lifeward and to come lightward in their expression and experience of existence.

These art the inherent potentialities made ready by moral choice .. the natural possibilities of human life here and hereafter grown by spirit-led decisions and the integrity of thought, feeling, word, and act becoming one impulse and agenda.

You who shall open wide thine personal consciousness unto the universal .. and you who shall want an absoluteness of the philosophies of wisdom-gathering and worshipful living .. you who shall recognize and implement the indisputable facts of human nature and the planetary civilization shall be mine new disciples of the 21st century and beyond.

Let her and him whose standard is the most august .. and whose ideal is of the highest .. and who strive to endeavor most strenuously in developing the soul vesture .. let the gentilities of God's inherent goodness produce a genial and serene spirit of good will unto all.

Let each one who hath an upheld attention speak from the vantage point of their advancements in truth and in love as they come forth to lead the society of the world.

Let you who are wholeheartedly willing thyself to become penetrated by love .. and you who art allowing thyself to becometh quickened now out of thine natural vestibule of the human mortal experience towards the Immortal One God .. and let the securing of his love take precedence within thee .. that you are fast advancing in the life of eternal wisdom and merciful forgiveness.

Let you be established in My Body Universal...

Michael Of Nebadon

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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.