The Ascendant Heart of Love

Michael Of Nebadon


And the Word was made flesh .. and dwelt among us .. and ye have beheld his glory .. the glory as of the only begotten of the Father .. full of grace and truth.

Ye shall progressively unfold thine indwelling existence .. ye shall uncover thyselves .. full of grace and truth and love.

Ye shall be thou born once more in the Father's love and in His truth.

All shall becometh unified within the Father's Life.

Mine apostles shall learn the living of the ideal life .. and each may manifest this same glory which was and is and ever shall be.

They may have the same power by His generosity and grandeur of heart. These are always the possibilities .. the potentialities of every creature. They shall be full of grace and of beauty and of truth.

And as you follow me .. walk with me .. live as I am living amongst you .. you shall bare witness of Him .. and ye shall cry out .. saying .. "this is he of whom I spake. He that cometh after me is preferred before me .. for he was before me."

All men and women have the potentialities to receive all that I have revealed and demonstrated.

All shall have their portion of creative power and will to extend the one existence .. to express more of eternity, and to become.

As each is willing to live the Christ Life of the Adjuster .. willing with joy and trust to obey the laws of the Father .. so shall they receive grace for grace.

As ye live the life that leads to Illumination .. this Christhood shall each experience .. a sonship shall emerge in them. They shall receive the fruits of such a life of dedication.

All who have received .. even as they walk in the body of ephemerality .. so shall they be lifted into the body of light eternal. The fulness of the All shall unfold in each one who reaches and aspires .. who humbly asks and delivers themselves upon the Altar of Ascendancy.

Men and women shall have the same free will to choose between that which leads to sonship/daughtership and that which leads to a destruction of the personality soul . . .

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.