The Exalted Ones of Destiny

Thou City fellows who are athirst for character righteousness and everlasting religious relationship with Me .. that is to say .. with the Holy Trinity and I who have been sent here to grow you each upwards into those exalted sons and daughters of destiny...

Everyone who exalts themselves shall be humbled .. and everyone who humbles themselves shall becometh exalted.

Verily verily do I encourage ye to realize thine Infinite Source .. to honor and adore the First Infinity Personhood .. to obey his commandments that ye reach into the greater understandings, that ye are asking for the heightening of all thine faculties, and that ye are living the right use of your inherent powers of consciousness.

Let not thine hearts be troubled; for I give you a new understanding of my original command to love one another, even as I love you .. and to daily cultivate the proper attitudes of ascendance .. the God attributes of deliverance and reverential relationship .. the heightened attentions of moment to moment commitment to him .. communion with him .. amplifying by faith and your singularity of trust in him .. his Life which you shall claim for thyselves in humility and honor.

So I say to you, Acknowledge the Lord thy God and Life. Adore the Living Father who hath placed his spirit in thee. Appreciate his glorious generosity and open thyselves in accordance with these avenues of approaching him to receive his grace and forgiveness. Bring thine faithful heart into pure unconditional Allegiance with him. Ask for understanding and the evolutionizing of all thine personality, and it shall be given to you; reach to Me .. the Father and I .. with all the love in your hearts and minds that you are in a continual searching for truth and rightful tendencies, and I say unto the true listeners that you will find Me with the Father;

I sayeth knock upon his inner doorway, and ye shall enter therein by your proper manners of approaching, praying intimately for alignment, and worshipful adorational communion at all times; for the everywhereness of God the Father is imminent. You do live and breathe and have all thine being in Us.

Knock, penetrate, persevere, and pierce thine material veils in favor of making the religious relationship with the Universal and Absoluteness your highest priority.

... and the door of thine heart shall becometh opened for thee to enter therein unto the Kingdom of his Deliverance.

For what shall it profit you .. if ye temporarily gain the whole world, and yet, you suffer the loss of the golden opportunity to awaken thine soul attunement and achieve your progressive advancement of thine entire personhood?

Enter with Me. Come unto Me and engage our eternal relationship. Walk with Me in your arisen consciousness, and I shall grant you your freedom in the Universal .. your safety in the Absoluteness .. and your Sovereignty in his Glory; for ever do I sayeth that the Kingdom is imminently present for all My children.

Michael Of Nebadon


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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.