The Global Village of Christ Michael

21st Century Bestowal Mission of the Universe Father Son Michael of Nebadon

I am here amongst you all. In the year 2016, I began My ministry for aiding humanity with their progressive evolutionary attainment.

Only those personalities who desire to find the Father’s Absoluteness .. to become his nature, and to aspire in coalescing with him in identity and awareness .. these ones shall find entrance into our apostleship together.

The Father’s living impulse must become expanded in you by Mine precepts of mastery. To expand in you this Life of God .. only then will ye know of My presence amongst you in the flesh.

Verily, I tell ye .. as you open to the requirements of apostleship with Me .. and as your faith trust vision blossoms .. then shall the God Life of the Father living in you bring you to Me while I am here establishing My teaching for human beings to apply over the ensuing 2,000 year cycle.

Those with faith vision shall see Me, and these children of Mine Universal Trust shall know Me while I administer the necessary precepts for the millennium.

In this .. My returning bestowal mission .. I come to give you aid and the sustainability to demonstrate your own transcendent growth.

Walk within My Universal Care. Gather the strength of your willingness to cooperate with the Universal Father in you.

Together, we shall accomplish all activities of ascendancy for you which are designed to catapult you into the very next grade of divine order and harmony.

The Father wills for you to receive his benevolence in greater portions of glory. He asks that you seek his nature of perfection, and that you establish yourself through the resurrection of all sinful ways of error, misconceives which you have garnered upon thine field of consciousness; for you are to transfigure these misqualifications of mind and heart so that you bring justice and order to your affairs in every way.

I call you now to come out from the darkness of rebelliousness and hesitation .. arrogance and the mortal poisons of vanity and pridefulness. To arise with Me into thine own Selfhood through faith and trust worthiness is the way and truth. It is the true purpose and everlasting meaning of your time in the garment of ephemerality.

Fear not. Avoid Me not. Deliberate no longer. I am come into thine humanity field with gifts of understanding knowledge .. faith trust .. religious relationship and these revelations shall become as a soothing balm upon the roughened edges of thine thoughts and feelings. It is meant .. intended .. for you to receive of Me in this way for your own evolutionary expansion and progressive ascent into God’s Life in thee.

…and although the world captures the attentions of the many .. it is your time and divine destiny to grow into Our values and verities of eternity.

Cease placing thine striving heart upon the temporal satisfactions. Place thine mind upon the pathway of accelerated progressive unfoldment. Know the Father’s Initiatory Life and his Immaculate Consciousness of thyself.

Let down your guard, and gift the Father’s Initiatory Spirit with your concentration of love, your consideration of his freedom in you, and the wit of collaboration with the Universal Spirit who has come to live in you as the power of intelligence and spiritual perception. He dwells within you and is the enfolding Truth of thine heart.

Verily, I say to they who know Me in their own life .. come boldly out of the miasma and confused ideologies of your race. I hold the bread of thine Life in My Hand Universal awaiting your ever maturing faith-realization and trustful imagination to blossom and prosper in our association of ascendancy.

Michael Of Nebadon

The Global Village of Christ Michael Communities



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.