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Michael Of Nebadon
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The Arc of Ascendancy
Salvington is a symbolism for the preservation and stimulation of moral sentiments and religious loyalties. It is an institution establishing the inspiring ideals which can be grasped by the peoples of the civilization; a perpetuating symbolism for fostering and gratifying the emotions of honor and dignity, righteousness and morality, eternal understandings and the everlasting principles of freedom.

Every appealing movement in social culture or religious advancement has developed a ritual, a symbolic ceremonial.

At Salvington, we hold honorable the God ascent into light and life. We offer students the opportunity to advance themselves as uniquely qualified personalities. The principles of Salvington and its educational tributaries foster a deep and conscious growth of the personality soul, the understandings to build a stronger knowledge of Selfhood and its uniquely held place in the universes.

Salvington continues to grip the hearts and minds of its students and devotees by preserving the sentiments of truthfulness and equality, and students are encouraged to find their solutions through the directly personal intimacy with the living God who dwells within. This brings the great satisfied emotions of living rightly and in accordance with Objectivity and Truth - Absolute Truth and the Way to Life more abundant.

Salvington grows the personality mind into personality soul currents which thrive upon discovering the God who motivates and animates all things. The curriculum of Salvington in terms of moral standards and spiritual ideals have no adequate symbolism but through demonstrated experience — we hold as self-evident at Salvington a collegial culture of mutual support.

Our educational fellowship and high religious culture cannot be manufactured; it must grow and mature itself through the deeply encountered learnings of our students who strive to encompass a life built upon truth and justice, love and compassion. And those of no two groups will be identical unless their rituals foster truth and awareness, and are arbitrarily standardized by the authority of personal religious revelation and experience.

The Salvington culture requires an upstanding evaluation by each student, and whereas the early Christian culture was the most effective, appealing, and enduring of any ritual ever conceived or devised, yet much of its value has been destroyed in a scientific age by the destruction of so many of its original underlying tenets. The Universal Christian culture has been devitalized, and has lost its moral compass due to the loss of many fundamental ideas.

In the past, truth has grown rapidly and expanded freely when the culture has been elastic, the symbolism expansile. Abundant truth and an adjustable culture have favored rapidity of social progression. A meaningless culture vitiates religion when it attempts to supplant philosophy and to enslave reason; a genuine culture grows naturally and normally as insight develops and realization emerges in the individual.

Regardless of the drawbacks and handicaps which humanity has encountered over the centuries, Salvington offers a revelation - a religious revelation of personal intimacy with a Personal and Infinity God - and while every new revelation of truth has given rise to a new culture, even the restatement of the religion of Michael is now supplanting the age-old notions of his teachings with a broader and deeper revelation of approach to the Universal Spirit who indwells all life.

At Salvington, we are attuned towards developing this new and appropriate symbolism which has its roots in Truth and Objectivity, understanding reasoning and the legitimacy of God’s revelation for humanity.
Our Salvington precepts as given by the Universe Son Michael provide both a living balm of comfort for living in the world yet not precisely of it, and a pathway upward and inward towards the destiny of the second birth of immortality which bring the individual personality into a greater and more refined life of light and life through the omnipotence of God’s forgiving love.

In terms of our adequate symbolism for these new and expanding ideas, ideals, and loyalties, our enhanced symbol arises out of soils of proper and righteous religious living, spiritual experience, and the disciplines of true understanding. Salvington offers the civilization a higher and brighter symbolism befitting a higher and more elevated civilization, and this construct is predicated on the concept of the Parenthood of God .. the Fatherhood of God, and it is impregnated with the motivations for exalted fulfilling service to the mighty ideal of the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity and the kingdoms of the earth.

The olden cultures through the centuries of evolutionary development for the race has been too egocentric; the new upraised cultural norm must be a beacon of living experience which brings the individual into their own respect and dignity of personhood; each individual realization and its concurrent actualizations must be the outgrowth of applied loving mercy and faithful trust-bearing intimacy with the Infinite Father, Son, and Spirit of the Trinity.

Our cultural atmosphere at Salvington is of this new enlightened and awakened culture which must substantiate itself through true religious experience and advancement; and like the old cultures which have been the establishing force for this current civilization, our principles, precepts, and powers of individual freedom do certainly intend to foster deep and exhilarating sentiment caused by an individual’s decision to “walk within the unlimited avenues of truth”, satisfying emotional clarity and joy by becoming aligned with what is true and real, and the always potent alliance and allegiance with the Center and Source of existence which promotes loyalty and peace; but it must do more: It must facilitate spiritual advancement for the individual and the civilization. It must augment the prior revealings of truth and understanding progress, enhance cosmic meanings, augment moral values and the everlasting virtues of the universes, encourage social development, and stimulate a high type of personal religious living.

At Salvington, we offer these declarations for the individual personality to climb the great ascendancy of their own advancements into the Kingdom of God.

The new societal and collegiate culture must provide supreme goals of living which are both temporal and eternal — social and spiritual.

No culture can endure and contribute to the progress of social civilization and individual spiritual attainment unless it is based on the biologic, sociologic, and religious significance of the family, the nucleus of the home. A surviving and advancing culture must symbolize that which is permanent in the presence of unceasing change; it must glorify that which unifies the stream of ever-changing social metamorphosis. It must recognize true meanings, exalt beautiful relations, and glorify the good values of real nobility.

Salvington overrides the present disabilities which the culture hath brought upon itself. It understands the great difficulty of finding a new and satisfying symbolism which can outlast the modern person’s adherence with a mind that originates from animal and mechanical origins. Modern men and women, as a collective group, adhere to the scientific and intellectual rationale - attitudes of personal subjectivity which seek to find their absolutes within the realm and range of mankind’s mental perturbations. The modern civilization as it stands today must eschew superstition, abhor ignorance and arrogance, and individuals, while craving to know and understand the Absoluteness of Life must allow themselves to enter into the unknown, to crave mystery and to accept the mysterious and unknown workings which have been in place since the beginning of all creation. Human beings have been erringly taught to venerate the unknown and to produce certainty even when no such certainty can be found outside of living within the very presence and power of the Nameless God. No culture can survive unless it embodies some masterful mystery and conceals some worthful unattainable ideal.

Our Salvington Ideal comes directly from the Second Center and Divine Source through the embodiment of Christ Michael.

Our school fosters and nourishes a newly revived symbolism which is not only significant for the group civilization but also inherently meaningful to the individual in his and her progressive evolutionary ascent into the order of the new humanity - immortal and free from all darkness and misunderstood God principles. The forms of our curriculum serve modern humankind in their thirst for advancement and maturity; and any serviceable symbolism or directive of intent must be those which the individual can carry out on his own initiative with the collaborative guidance and assistance of those who have come before him. Personalities must find their drive and motivations to succeed in this new culture, and which he and she can also enjoy advancing with his fellows. The new culture of Salvington is a dynamic force for goodness, truth, and beauty. It abhors the static, and it contributes something essentially worthwhile and absolutely meaningful to the progress of humankind, touching upon the needs of both the temporal and spiritual.

The Salvington collegiate culture — it is declared revolutionary in its simplicity, and its conscious symbolism bypasses the rituals, slogans, or goals of complexity and over-sophistication. Salvington will thrive and prosper in accordance with the individual's demands for devotion, freedom, liberties of every sort, and the unwavering response of the personhood for building its loyalty to God, its allegiance for his way and truth, and the necessary adorational dedications which raise humankind into the spheres where destiny awaits.

Every effective religion unerringly develops a worthy ideal and a practical symbolism, and its devotees must offset any tendencies for stagnation by over-crystallization of such a fellowship with the Trinity Persons of Infinite expression. The old days of meaningless ritual and senseless attempts to cramp, deform, and stifle the individual through primitively charged stereotyped ceremonials which can only handicap and retard all social, moral, and spiritual progress - these fixed and formulated dogmatic coffins bring only discontent and failure for the personality in its ascent into knowledge and courage, understanding wisdom and intuition, counsel and the absolute purities of worship.

No collegiate culture can survive if it retards moral growth and fails to foster spiritual progress. The culture of Salvington is the skeletal structure around which grows the living and dynamic body of personal spiritual experience — true religion.

The Salvington Trustees



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.