The Mission of Salvington

The new kingdom which My Father is about to set up in the hearts of his earth children is to be an everlasting dominion of sovereignty for all inhabitants of the earth. There shall be no end of this rule of My Father in the hearts of those who desire to do his divine will; for this Kingdom is as a spiritual renewal which shall raise upwards all life into its designed promise and its divine potentiality.

I declare to you that My Father is not the God of one religion nor another. Many shall come from all around the planet to study with us in the emergence of this kingdom, while many of the children of the planet’s civilization shall continue to resist and rebel; they will refuse to enter this new brotherhood and sisterhood of the rule of the Father’s spirit in the hearts of the children of humanity.

The power of this kingdom shall consist, not in the strength of military might nor in the might of societal position, place, and riches, but rather in the glory of the divine spirit of thine own Godhood Identity which taketh residence in thee. This spirit of the One God shall come to teach the minds and rule the hearts of the reborn citizens of this heavenly kingdom, the sons and daughters of God.

Thus, is this family of light and life in the Father Son and Spirit an evolutionary leap and a quantum return for humanity into its alignment with the rest of the galaxies and their many civilizations. This is the brotherhood of love wherein righteousness reigns, and whose mantra shall be: Peace on earth and good will to all men; for our earthly civilization hath taken its rightful place amongst the stars.

This kingdom of sovereignty which you are to go forth proclaiming is the desire of the good men and women of all ages, it is the hope of all the earth, and the fulfillment of the wise and sturdy promises of all the prophets and teachers of olden times.

But for you, My children, and for all others who would follow you into this Sovereign Kingdom of Love, there is a price to pay .. a severe test. Faith alone will pass you through its doorway, but you shall bring forth the fruits of My Father’s spirit only as you increase the capacity of mind to receive through the Vestments of Mind, the Values of Eternity, and the Virtues of the Universe Spirit Mother.

…and even so and ever further, shall you discover your inheritance as you uphold Mine Vision, act upon its Precepts and Verities of the heart, and hail into actualization the Volitions of character-making and consciousness accelerating.

As ye would continue to ascend into the progressive life everlasting of the divine fellowship, I sayeth unto thee, not all who say, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter into the vibratory realms of sovereignty and serenity which My Father’s Kingdom offers .. for this Kingdom of heaven requires of you .. the all .. and the everything. You shall learn to give thyself to the Individualized Infinity by cooperating with the life plan, fulfilling the great law, and then, living the will of Paradise through your own God Identity. He and she who doeth the will of My Father who is in heaven shall be entering daily in this God Immersion and God Illumination leading into the graduation ceremony of God Immortality at some certain point in your incarnated lifetimes.

Your service to the world shall be: Seek first the Kingdom of God and enter into this new and old reality by your Prayerful Intimacy and Reciprocal Spiritual Communion, thine building upwards of a character of righteousness and honor in your relationship with the Divine Gift of Life; and as ye fulfill these requirements, all thine life and world shall realign and re-empower and a prosperity shall come over thee given by the Universal Spirit Life of God the First Great Revelation of Infinity.

The mission of the Individualized Life to the human kingdom is to represent, to be, the Universal Father to the mortal creatures of time and space; that is the fundamental work of these divine gifts of promise and potentiality.

These Individualized Portions of the Paradise First Revelation are intent upon successfully elevating the mortal minds, growing the personal character, preparing the personality mind, developing the individual’s mind and will, transfiguring the misqualifications of every lifetime into worshipful wisdom, and of eternally translating the immortal personality soul of men and women to the divine heights and spiritual levels of fuller Paradise perfection.

In the experience of this ever-important transforming of the human nature of the temporal creature into the divine nature of the Eternal Personality of Supremacy, the Life Spirits of the First Revelation of Infinity transmute into existence a uniquely qualified individual being, a being comprised of this eternal union of the perfect Spirit Life and the perfected creature.

There is no other technique nor strategy which hath the capability of carrying the mortal selfhood into the Immortalized Supremacy of Personhood.

You are this Life of God who lives in you in an individualized way. And it is the goal of evolution to expand your Life Presence into your thoughts .. feelings .. and acts .. with the powers of free will creative attention and intention.

You shall apply your gifts from the Father — personhood .. mind .. and will .. focusing these instruments upon that God Life.

I have given you the tenfold free will powers to learn to apply each day.

The righteous use of these free will powers applied and focused upon your own Individualized God Life produces Stability .. Security .. Sertainty .. Safety .. Sincerity .. Serenity .. Solace .. Spontaneity .. Simplicity .. Synchronicity .. Significance .. Sovereignty.

Michael Of Nebadon




Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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