Michael Of Nebadon
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The Plan Of Salvation and the School of the Planetary Prince . . .

Christ Michael's Plan for mortal participation in the planetary establishment and progressive dissemination of this revelation is presently coming into view.

There is a far-reaching ideal of spiritual unity at the heart of Michael's Plan which is inclusive of all peoples and every life kingdom.

This spiritual unity and evolutionary social harmony will be grown out from diversity and variation, yet it will endure as trust is built upon this common purpose and divine heralding.

Harmony on all levels of human expression must become established in order to further Michael's revelatory endowment to humanity and the life kingdoms of the planet.

Social harmony and divine unity are the unerring markers of community that is of one purpose and one direction and one objective of revelation.

Christ Michael has stipulated to us that "unity shall be inclusive of all diversities of expression".

Social harmony within the ever-empowering divinity of spiritual unity is always the measure of our effectiveness and usefulness in serving the revelatory advent of Michael's Plan for the unveiling of progressive evolutionary ascendancy for all the peoples and the kingdoms of the world.

Our sincerity of dedicated devotion to serve this revelation is of utmost importance. The progressively unfolding spiritual ideals of our harmony and unity as an organizational Impulse of the will and agenda and intention of the local universe of Christ Michael is completely governed by this will of Infinity, as is the universe of universes.

Our day to day goals and aims must meet the integrity alliance of the long-term viewpoint as Christ Michael brings to the planetary evolution these revelations and the new advent of personal and planetary ascendancy.

Decisions and choices and viewpoints within the short-term objectives that must be administered have the necessity to become clarified and cleansed by the overall Impulses of the long-term vision of spiritual wisdom.

Christ Michael has asked and encouraged his administration for the planet to enter into "a field of heightened mutuality of interests and a purity of merciful understandings" in order to being forth his original ideal in organizational intent and in the purity and advancement of the kingdom of the planet.

His Administration wishes to have every morally-centric and ethically-bound heart to wholeheartedly participate with him in this advancing understanding for all peoples far and wide.

The originating universal organizational design allows for each and every receptively mature personality to gain their freedom by serving the greater vision, by developing their own personahood, and by each one's boundless enthusiasm for the ever-refreshing and enduring spiritual principles which lay at the foothold of the universal guidance offered by those Divine Personalities participating in the Revelatory Commission to bring forth this advent of ascendancy - a new and higher approach to living life.

Whereas with evolutionary religious developments there is the inculcation - Inculcation is the instilling of knowledge or values in someone, usually by repetition. To inculcate is to instill or impress an idea on someone, so inculcation is the process of instilling or impressing ideas.

Yet, a naturally unfolding aspect of revelatory religious understandings brings forth a greater appreciation and inspiration and all-encouraging impulse within the life of the individual for the heightened values and the more expansive and goodness-endearing virtues of eternity.

Evolutionary religious development is man-made and most often affected by humanly unqualified authorities which seek to preach and promulgate their subjective interpretations of God and his way, while the loftier motivations of revelatory religious endowing is to first inspire and develop the individual heart and mind and personality to become spiritually attracted to a new and higher set of values and meanings, inspiring a fuller viewpoint and a wider scope which builds a higher appreciation for the divine goodness, the advantages of Objectivity and Truth, a sense of fulfilling collaboration of the values of reaching for the beauty of the spiritual values of Infinite Deity.

Always and forever, religious development in the life of the individual will bring the spirit fruits of divine relationship between mortal men and woman and the Substance of God who lives within each human being.

The attraction within men and women towards the verities of eternity will forever be their demonstration in their lives of the fruitful abundance of the spiritually-birthed consciousness and their relationship remembrance of the God who has brought them forth into their existence. It is this all-enduring fruit in the life of an eternalizing personality which tends to govern all motivations, urges, and impulses for Perfection and the Ideal of Infinity.

This revealed guidance will strengthen all alliances with Us, it will more faithfully and powerfully offer the clarity and will and purpose and impulse to abide by Christ Michael's side, and to walk with him in this unfolding wisdom of Michael's Plan.

The City Of Christ Michael



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.