The Reality Beyond

Humankind hath no desires that cannot be gratified; he and she have no peculiarities but that some position would render agreeable and proper.

Each human life hath its peculiar wants, and the wants of each one differ according to their personal development .. their declarations .. their desires and discernments .. their dedications and devotions.

Each human being is but an organism the greater body of Life .. an individual cell .. an atom within the molecule of our universe .. of the great collective human body and beyond.

In the present condition of things, one cell is opposed to and absorbs the strength and happiness of another cell, and this is as a cancer in the body of the civilization.

This generates every species of evil .. pain .. wretchedness .. disharmonies of every kind .. a disorganization ensues, and a primitive survival-seeking, self-interest and selfishness .. almost without end .. stricken the growth capacities of the individual.

Chaos abounds in every systemic way as sickness pervades the personal atmosphere of most personalities and self-interest strangles the Oxygen of Life all throughout the land.

Thine misleaders certainly are your perfect representatives .. as the majority mislead themselves .. they are being compelled by their own vibratory attractions to engage in that which they are not qualified to perform .. and this error in your ways creates discontent in mind, emotion, word, and act.

All are struggling to find their way unto the Great Light of Understanding. Each human life is coerced by the world systems which have been created by those perverted and psychotic individuals who are, as yet, too ignorant and unconscious to recognize their mistakes which will carry them unto their own extinction.

This nearly perpetual coercion causes a great stress and a vast injustice grows daily for all .. all who are absolutely dependent upon these fallen systems for their labor to live, and have a healthy family life.

This planetary enslavement .. this overburdening necessity for stability, security, safety, and other such eternal values .. it produces an unproductive discord, a weakening dishonesty, a disharmonious environment of evil thoughts and misguided feelings. It perpetuates evil, and it guards against the saving grace of Absoluteness and of Truth.

I sayeth unto those with the eye of faithfulness and trustfulness awakening .. thine civilization is uncivilized and corrupt, it is in decay and disease and degeneration. It retards thine race progress, and it interferes with thine personhood in its capacities for regeneration and renewal; it's attempts to grow and evolve and advance into our association are thwarted .. and thine attainment unto universe sons and daughters of destiny is delayed.

Verily .. ye are not creatures of a single day nor of just an hour .. nor shall ye be living for the gratification of merely your physical bodily being and its perspectives and desires.

Ye have an exalted nature .. an endowment of faculties .. a plethora of uniqueness .. a gift of powers .. an ennoblement to procure unto the immortal spheres .. an evolutionary journey to begin advancing and achieving towards .. an eternalizing propensity to strengthen thine wits and to glorify thine integrity of character .. to discover the Father's Life Adjuster in you .. and with this Indwelling Life .. ye shall becometh arisen to endure all trials and tribulations .. that ye becometh groomed for the unknown mysteries of Existence.

Mine apostles of this 21st century are capable of infinite possibilities .. limitless probabilities for their inherent potentialities to prosper and to becometh actualized in the Universal Father Life.

I am returned unto thine evolutionary labors to illumine thine normal human faculties .. to gift with eternal life only the sincerely humble ones .. the receptive ones who crave truth, and order, and justice, and transparency .. with an understanding of the powers of holy faith and trustfulness.

I represent to your race all that exists beyond the temporal falsities and the illusory and ephemeral unconsciousness and your relationship with it.

Our Association of Ascendancy hath a vision of greater perfection for thee .. a virtue of advancement .. a value of personality achievement in its capacities to universally socialize, to surrender unto fact and objective law, and to succeed in your beginning entrance into our Universe of Nebadon through thine Second Birth.

Michael of Nebadon



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