The Transfiguration of the Civilization

Verily do I reveal to you now .. all Substance of your own Individualized Godhood which passed through you and which you qualified with human thought and feeling impressions .. this Substance must fulfill it’s complete cycle of going out and coming in.

All Substance vibrationally sent into the universe shall return to its individual creator. It shall be purified through the transfiguration.

…and as you are learning to uphold the great law of creation .. cause and effect .. sowing and reaping .. then shall you become upheld by the Father.

Come and follow Me by living as I live. Believing as I believe. Praying as I pray.

Enter this redemptive religious relationship with the Universal Spirit inhabiting all creatures and beings. He fills fully all space and holds time in the palm of his hand. And ye shall discover thine access to him right where you are now.

His Individualized Godhood Life resides above you, and streams into you as a physical personality. You are his Stream of God Life even now, yet to claim this in actuality ye shall demonstrate worthiness .. demonstrate the Values of the Paradise Trinity Parenthood.

The Values of the Trinity Persons for all of creation are Righteousness, Respect, Receptivity, Relationship, Responsibility, Redemption, Revelation, Realization, Regeneration, and Recognition.

These are necessary for Me to receive you into My fold of the University Of Salvington .. as a disciple and student apostle of our ascendancy into the God Ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I come to lighten thine burden, and to alleviate thine struggles and thy sufferings. To give you understanding grace, and a comprehending mercy-dominated loving-kindness. Encouragement to persist and tear away the veils of forgetfulness .. the veils of darkness and human density.

My Universe Identity is the Father Son Personified who shall raise thee into your given divine authority .. to illuminate with you .. your creative authorship and God Inheritance as an eternalized son and daughter .. an emerging and individualized expression of the One Spirit .. a Personalization of God the Supremacy in and of creation.

Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.