Thine Emerging and Thriving Personality Soul

Fellows of our Unifying Associations of Truth...

You are created as a uniqueness of personhood .. of creatively-empowered personality .. an empowering means of partnership and participation in actualizing God the Supreme .. in this closeness of proximity with the finiteness of Infinity.

Personality initiates an evolutionary process of developing thine soul vestment .. soul values .. soul virtues .. soul vision .. and soul verities and volitions.

Thine developing and emerging immortal soul is not a pre-existing entity waiting to be discovered by you.

It’s not something you can consciously create by using your free will. Yet, it cometh as the indirect result of your choosings, your motivations, your urges, impulses, and receptions.

It develops as you becometh receptively awake to the higher urges and the everlasting meanings .. as you widen your desire from seeking the immediate gratification of the human senses towards the quickening of every faculty and every endowment in the long-term plan of evolutionary salvation.

Thine evolutionary soul expression emerges and evolves gradually .. and becomes apparent and available to you as you choose to progressively advance within the vast order of ascendancy.

This order of advancement stirs thine agencies into greater actualization and eternalizes thine human faculties. It elevates you into a nobility of character .. and a worshipfully adoring communion with Life all around you.

Personalities who come together within their own indwelling God Impulse and God Intention .. who gather in relationships of growth and higher learning .. developing their eternity-driven associations .. their spirit-led engagements for advancement .. arising towards that cosmic cluster of higher vestments and values and virtues .. they do certainly initiate a process of accumulating the right attitudes of mind .. they stir the natural mixture of thought and feeling into a more spiritualized character embodying qualities which allow their personality soul to survive and to thrive in mortal living .. as their personality attributes within the culture of mortality are quickened towards the eternal values of Infinity in the Universal Parenthood of Life.

Michael Of Nebadon
21st Century Gospel Revelations


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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.