Thine Eternalizing Fulfillment

Michael Of Nebadon


Thine hundred little deeds that ye indulge in every day harden unto behaviors and habits .. expression and experience; these habits shape thine intelligence and mould thine perceiving and thine outlook .. even thine life.

All that ye weave in your imagination, seek in your ideals, and yearn in your aspirations leave an indelible imprint on the mind. Distorted by these, ye form your opinions and conceptions .. your personal knowledge, your pictures of the world around you, and it is to these subjective pictures that you becometh conditioned and identified with as definitions of thyself .. and attached.

I sayeth to those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see .. one’s present moment is only the result of one’s past and the behavioral habits formed during that long period of over hundreds upon hundreds of lifetimes bring you into a destiny of goodness and truth or of evil and falseness and deceit.

Yet, whatever the nature of the character that you have come by, it can certainly be modified by changing the accustomed process of thought and feelings and expectations and imagination.

The wickedness of a person is incorrigible. By conscious effort, habits can be changed and character shall becometh refined. You hold always within you, and within your reach, the capacity to challenge your evil propensities and to change any destructively qualified evil habits.

And it is by the powers of holy faith wherein you shall maketh thine achievement into our universe as a uniquely-created personhood.

Verily, verily, in my Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Association do I offer you the conviction of faith and the confidence of trusting God .. and the outright courage to confront thyselves in order to make the appropriate constructive changes.

Within a lifetime dedicated to selfless service, renunciation, dedicated devotion, prayerful intimacy, and ratiocination, the old thoughts .. the outworn behaviors and personal ineffective habits that bind people to the more primitive earthly levels shall be discarded and transformed, and a new perception shall arise .. a new creature shall come forth .. a new approach and higher insightful meanings to better understand your life shall emerge.

Habits that take you along the avenues of progressive evolutionary ascendancy and the true evolutionary divine path shall be instilled into your personality over time, effort, and singular dedication coupled with righteous decisions.

I am come forth into your view from my Universe Station to guide the sincere one who hunger for character righteousness and to illumine the humble ones who crave evolutionary fulfillment .. to restore thine truest priorities .. to instill the everlasting values which shape thine purpose and make righteousness to unfold throughout thine personality and its character.

Thine way is made luminous in our universe association. The nature of thine character, its ways and vagaries, shall become ennobled and informed .. and the daily character shaping foundations for your acceleration unto light and life shall become progressively elevated and everlastingly eternalized.

Ye shall be awakening in this process of reshaping thyselves to reflect the ineffable glory of God.

Michael Of Nebadon



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.