Thine Individualized Life

Thine Individualized God Life is the representative of the Universal Father. And this very Spirit Life in you is your intended destiny to eternally become one with.

This Individualized Life in you is the model life and the spiritual ideal for every human mortal personality to become in their Vestments, Values, Virtues, Vision, Verities, and Volitions of mind and will and personhood.

The Individualized Spirit Life we refer to as the Adjuster .. and this very Paradise Adjuster Life is of an Order which comes out of the Center and Source of Life.

The Adjuster is of an immortal prepersonal status .. and you are of a mortal personal status, though you are not yet eternalized in your personhood status. That is to say, you shall be given access to the eternal worlds and dimensional levels of living only once you attain to eternal and immortal status as a unique and Individualized personhood who hath begun their evolutionary journey upon this planetary world.

As you allow the Adjuster Spirit to eternalize your personality, so shall you become perfectly one together. You are to become prepared by the Father's Life Adjuster for your destiny.

You are all subjects of predestination, abd it is not foreordained that you must accept this divine predestination; you are at full liberty to reject any part or all of the Thought Adjuster' program.

The Adjuster begins its work with a definite and predetermined plan for the intellectual and spiritual development of their human subjects, but it is not incumbent upon any human being to accept this plan.

You as a personal creature have mind and will. You have choice and priorities, decisions and urges, impulses and inclinations to decide who ye shall becometh loyal to .. with whom ye shall identify .. and the purpose ye shall ultimately serve.

The Adjuster as a prepersonal creature has premind and prewill.

If you so fully conform to the Adjuster’s mind that you see eye to eye, then your minds become one, and you receive the reinforcement of the Adjuster’s mind.

Subsequently, if your will orders and enforces the execution of the decisions of this new or combined mind, the Adjuster’s prepersonal will attains to personality expression through your decision, and as far as that particular project is concerned, you and the Adjuster are one. Your mind has attained to divinity attunement, and the Adjuster’s will has achieved personality expression.

To the extent that this identity is realized, you are mentally approaching the morontia order of existence.

Morontia mind is a term signifying the substance and sum total of the co-operating minds of diversely material and spiritual natures.

Morontia intellect, therefore, connotes a dual mind in the local universe dominated by one will.

And with mortals this is a will, human in origin, which is becoming divine through man’s identification of the human mind with the mindedness of God.

Michael Of Nebadon
Revelations upon the Mount of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.