Thine Permanent Life

I say unto thee .. good day to you all. I am the Michael of our Universe .. we have a purpose together .. and we hold a great mission to explore and experience the existence of eternity.

The evolutionary planets are the worlds of human origin .. there are many other civilizations with human life developing upon it. Your planetary sphere is the initial point of your origins for most here .. , these are the starting worlds of the progressive and ascending mortal career.

This planetary society is your starting point, and that point of origin wherein ye shall become eternalized and joined forever with the higher worlds of glory and ascendancy.

Ever shall ye advance thyselves inwards to the Center and Revelatory Source of our Parenthood.

Yet, here upon this seemingly gentle planet shall you and the Father's Individualized Life Presence shall become eternally wed as one creature .. one being .. personalized and divinized as One; eternalized into higher and grander meanings, fuller awareness, enlightening interpretation, honorable humility and grace.

It is here in this simple evolutionary way from the ages of your antiquity that ye shall culminate thine search and establish thyself upon the terrain of the Eternal.

Yet .. there is a work to accomplish .. a leap in evolutionary advancement to participate within.

In your present state of existence .. your personhood and is instruments of evolutionary expression are only temporarily placed together .. there is a merging which must occur with the God Life.

In this wedding, the impersonal God Life shall become personalized with you, and thine human personhood must become divinized and eternalized .. spiritized and evolutionized .. into the higher vestments of light, the trinitarian values of life .. the advancing virtues of eternity .. and the ineffable vision of the Trinity.

Thine divinity Life .. and you as personality .. are intended to become stoned.. one singular being .. ripened and matured unto the very next stages of your evolutionary unfolding and emergence upon the solar and galactic stage of expression and exploration.

You’ve been endowed with the perfect Life guide of the Father's Spirit Life, the Comforter of My Being, the Spirit of the Mother, and the supportive emanations of the Planetary Administration .. and as you walk with earnestness and true sincerity towards this human goal of emergence .. ascendancy .. the attainment of the new order for human life by the vision of faith and the impulse of trust .. and if you will sincerely traverse the adventure of time and space in order to gain the completion of all lifetimes .. the exalted achievement of living the mortal life by faith and trust and divine priority and the evolutionary purpose .. then truly, the reward of the ages shall be yours; you will be eternally united with that portion of the Universal Absolute who resides in thee.

Ye shall become thou .. raised and rescuscitatingly refreshed into the greater joys and the more exalted opportunities for service and expression.

This is the intent and purpose of all your lifetimes of traversing through all these experiences and tribulations of understanding and knowledge seeking.

Thine real life awaits thee...

The immortalization of all urges and inclinations abound with the promised potentiality...

The ascending life is accessible and available and allowing of you to come and enter therein.

This ascendant life, which awaits your entrance .. is the beginning of the true life everlasting .. as your present mortal and limited state is but the vestibule .. the cocoon .. the fetus stage .. which shall eventually become the greater ascendant life .. one with the Father's Life resident in thee.

Truly and certainly, you have yet to become born into existence .. the sheaths of materiality shall become quickened, and thine evolutionary receptivity shall become strengthened and stabilized with assurance and certainty.

Thine true Selfhood has as yet to emerge upon the solar and galactic and universal stage of life. You are poised to progress thine sensitivities while you heighten your vision .. your aspirations .. and your accomplishment as a unique individual personality soul with the gifts of free will decision and the definitively devoted determination and divine desire.

Now .. ye shall be arising in thine evolutionary walk .. you are beginning your exalted and progressive mission as the universal sons and daughters of existence.

I am your Father Son. I share God's Supremacy with thee in all ways.

Mortal personality in this unfolding intimate relationship with Infinite Personality.. this spiritual discourse between Creator and creature .. this divinely endearing relationship with God's Infinity .. intimacy within the Life of God .. moment to moment spiritual communion and the reciprocity of giving and receiving .. these are the means to accomplish your lifetimes achievement .. to become the exalted creatures of the never-ending eternity which stretches out before you.
Personality is the great unifier of your evolutionary development .. the producer of your advancing horizons .. through mind and its wholehearted volitional adherence to the precepts of eternity shall you graduate from the toil of these octaves into the more solar galactic and universal adventures; for there are literally, worlds without end in My Father's House.

Throughout these successively evolving ages and stages of your growth .. thine personhood has remained. You are the very same person, albeit you have had many perspectives and personalities as expressions. Yet .. there is one singular part of you that remains absolutely unaffected by change .. unaltered by the winds of development .. and this is thine personhood.

Personhood .. with its instrumental gifts of body, mind, and will .. determine your destiny as an individual. Personhood is the one permanence in the presence of change that will choose to enter the Kingdom by its Intimacy with God.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.