Thou Apostleship Fellows of my Universal Heart of Love...

Prayerful Intimacy Worshipful Communion is an expression of thine finite mind .. its hunger for truth .. its yearning thiest of the ages .. in an effort to approach the Infinite .. to gain closer proximity to the Living God who dwells within thine mind's highest regions.

Thine seven developing faculties applied with the eleven creative powers of holy faith .. and all focused upon intimacy with the Ineffable Glory of the Paradise Existence in thee .. personality relationship collaboration with the three essential circuits of Deity .. and although the making of a prayer must, therefore, be limited by the knowledge, wisdom, and attributes of the finite, it is the singular means of approaching the Universal Father and gaining that new trajectory of ascendancy with him; and even as the answer to your personality consecration and humble reaching to the Paradise Thought Adjuster shall be conditioned by the vision, aims, ideals, and prerogatives of the Infinite .. you are elevate, ennobled, and further eternalized each and every moment whereby you dedicate your efforts to this fulfillingly joyous relationship communion.

There shall develop a perpetual religiousness whereby God becomes a living reality in your human life .. a relationship of exquisite intimacy and caring protection which is now more easily observed and experienced by you .. an unbroken continuity of communion receptivity and reciprocity emerges carrying you towards the supreme goal of the personality realization of your personal constructively qualified force of free will, your nature, personality character, truest identity, your closer proximity to reality, and the blossomings of thine soul vesture expression.

All thine lifetimes .. all thine material circumstances and environments .. all probabilities and possibilities .. every creature potentiality desiring God Fulfillment now acts in unison and for your benefit .. and together with the individual who finds the eternal God living in themselves, who ventures to shape their personal nature in emulation of Him, and who deems it of the highest purpose and priority to ascend upwards upon the currents of their Prayerful Intimacy Worshipful Communion .. these ones shall discover a new existence becoming tangible in themselves.

The personal reception of the fullness of the Adjuster's spiritual answer to their longings becomes of happiness .. an indescribable harmony establishes .. a new and higher sovereign order extends its petals .. as this connection is created by your decisions, controlled by you focusing upwards, upheld by your character integrity and honesty, and preserved by your wholehearted commitment .. even unto the Second Birth of Cosmic Immortality.

Michael Of Nebadon

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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.