Thou Faith Children of the Earth...

To enter into the kingdom of the Father's Body of Life, you each must abide by his approach, becoming absolutely obedient to conducting His Life with Accountability, Association, Acknowledgment, Appreciation, Adoration, Acceptance, Availability, Alignment, and Advancement.

Always do I enjoy a sublime, subtle, and wholehearted faith in my Father God.

I live naturally and normally, yet, immersed within consciousness of my Father who is all Life, Light, and the Immensity of Infinite Love.

In My mortal experience I consecrate and dedicate each moment to His glory and generosity, and honor. I experience the ordinary ups and downs of mortal evolutionary existence, yet, I never religiously doubt the certainty of God’s watchcare and guidance.

I am called by My Father God to live the normal evolutionary experience with a simplicity of faith and cooperation. I am daily living here focusing upon the Life of that I AM in Spirit and in Truth .. and certainly .. I come as that God Life and Deity Will .. the Universal Father and Eternal Son in collaboration with the Infinite Spirit Universe Mother.

Through faith and trust and adorational praise of His Life .. all inner maturity develops .. and your faith allows God in you to expand and establish Himself directly within thine heart and mind and even thine physical body.

This Atonement is the natural and exceedingly normal outgrowth of the spirit insight born of the activity of the divine presence .. the Adjuster Life who resides in you and with you and is ceaselessly preparing you for your next stages of evolutionary growth and progressive soul advancement.

This Spirit Life .. his indwelling Adjuster .. guides all your urges and desires upward. Your meanings and understandings evolve to reflect eternity .. your values of the wholeness of your personality mature and advance.

This faith is neither traditional nor merely intellectual .. it is not built upon dogmatic ideologies nor upon doctrines of the mind; it is wholly personal and purely spiritual.

It is grown upward by your supreme cooperative collaboration with the Life of God in you .. the Adjuster Spirit and His leadings.

Your advancement is a Progressive Ascendancy over vast lengths of time and space .. daily efforting and decisions .. determinations and devotions .. dedications and discernments of your heart and mind and physical experience.

This normal and natural Progressive Ascendancy is grown as a triumphant faith .. and it is a living personal experience of actual spirit attainment for every individual to attain.

In our Universal Association, you shall discover a new and higher type of religious spirituality .. a new religion built upward in you by your personal spiritual relations with the Individualized and Indwelling Spirit Adjuster of the Universal Father.

My religious spirituality is wholly validated by the supreme inner authority of your genuine personal experience.

This is and always hath been my philosophy and gospel teaching .. a living faith activated by your Prayerful Intimacy Praiseful Worshipful Communion of Acknowledgment and Adoration, Appreciation and Acceptance, Alignment and Awareness.

Thine personal life here in the flesh is to becometh more than any kind of intellectual and mental reflection upon God .. and it is not attained by some sort of mystical transcendental meditation practice nor shall you achieve your growing personal advancement by the mentality of evolutionary ideologies, neither bibles and books alone, nor the quantum mechanics of scholarly intellect, and never by the new age theories being pressed upon the alternative communities of the world stage.

Theology may attempt to fix, formulate, define, and dogmatize faith, but in my human life experience here and now .. my faith expands His Life as personal, living, original, spontaneous, and purely spiritual expression and experience. This faith is not reverence for your world's traditions nor is it held together by a mere intellectual belief which you hold as a sacred creed.

God awareness, God immersion, God advancement is a sublime subtlety .. a rejuvenation experience .. and a profoundly noticeable renewal conviction which shall give you emotional and mental stability, personality security, and the advancing fruits of all your purposeful relationships.

My faith relationship which I demonstrate to you is real and all-encompassing .. it shall absolutely sweep away any human doubts and effectively destroy every conflicting fear and desire.

Nothing shall be able to tear you away from the spiritual connection and realization of this fervent, sublime, and undaunted simplicity of faith.

Michael of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.